A Swedish Nutcracker For Timeless Joy

It’s the time of year when The Nutcracker is ubiquitous. The New York City Ballet and Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) are running excellent, well-attended productions of George Balanchine’s adaptation of the Tchaikovsky classic for the holiday season. A memorably kind and creative character in the story is a local councilman, magician and toymaker by the name of Herr Drosselmeyer.

From this beautiful and moving artistic work another nutcracker has emerged: a Swedish creation that is virtually indestructible. Inspired by the thematic timelessness of the ballet, the Drosselmeyer Nutcracker is designed and made in Sweden, and a thing of beauty to behold. Internationally patented with a lifetime warranty on the lever, this nutcracker requires minimal exertion to operate and works beautifully on all the hardest nutshells, with a built-in well to trap the shells. The character Clara from the ballet uses her nutcracker to open hazelnuts and we use ours for walnuts, brazil nuts and almonds. Made of 100% recyclable zinc, it features a brilliant engineering design that enables the device to be completely taken apart and cleaned without needing to remove a single screw. There are no screws, only artfully designed pieces of zinc that fit snugly together without the use of fasteners. The Drosselmeyer Nutcracker is widely regarded as the best and most powerful nutcracker on the market, and would make a wonderful gift for the holidays – and will provide a lifetime of reliable service.

Drosselmeyer has created another excellent product: Caretta Shellfish Pliers, which are engineered to crack any size crayfish, crab or lobster with an open-jaw design, spring-loaded handles and a wide upper jaw that deflects shellfish juice away from the user. The Caretta Shellfish Pliers would also be a great and long-lasting gift for anyone fond of shellfish – as it’s an elegant device for reaching the delectable meat inside those stubborn shells.

Available at http://www.drosselmeyerusa.com

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