Amazing Eyewear from Classic Specs

Classic Specs is a Brooklyn based eyewear company that creates frames that are nostalgic, current and as classic as their company name. The business is comprised of artists, designers, geeks, quants and other talented people who are focused on creating beautiful frames and amazing products.

Made with Italian acetate and reinforced hinges, these glasses are not only beautiful but the highest quality on the market. Here are the latest styles.


The Rodwell

Smart, sexy and somewhat 60s, The Rodwell reminds me of the days of Mad Men and Hugh Hefner’s first day of publishing. The frames are sleek and come in various colors to fit your feeling like a mood ring. I’m a fan of the Havana Tortoise (above). For the days that you feel entrepreneurial, these frames will help you see the big picture.


The Duke

Regal and sophisticated, The Duke style mixes the classic with the contemporary. I love the duo-tone frames pictured above. This style has the appeal of a 1950s soda jerk or the smart and wise determination of a bookworm. It’s the perfect frame for men who want to be taken seriously.


The Beaumont

As classic as the American silver screen, this style conjures up the days of F. Scott Fitzgerald or an Ivory/Merchant production, in today’s terms, perhaps Downton Abbey. The frames will always last the test of time and shout collegiate, successful, if not privileged. Depending on the shape of the man’s face, this could the best choice to show off his chiseled features.

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Note: While I love the new collection from Classic Specs, I was also very fortunate to put my prescription into my grandfather’s gold wire-rim glasses from 1925.

Save your frames as an heirloom.

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