Artful Books: Pluck This and The Trees of Paris


These two whimsical, thoroughly engaging books will capture your fancy and spark your imagination, so keep them within reach on a coffee table for a quotidian dose of inspiration.


Pluck This: An A-to-Z Eyebrow Fantasia, written by Melissa Markhoff and illustrated by Julia Hartling, ponders the versatile eyebrow and devotes one unique brow shape per letter of the alphabet. In this humorous send-up of children’s books, beautiful illustrations accompany deftly clever poems, with tributes to the brows of Frida, Lena and Warhol — as well as various animals, fashion trends (#Dreads, The Bling), movies and even astrology. Not for children (V is for Vasectomy), this riveting book is as wonderful as the brow itself: self-expressing and distinctive. Read more at and purchase at


Matt Wagner’s The Tall Trees of Paris features a part of Paris that most tourists never see: an intimate portrait of 42 of the city’s artists. Painters, muralists, graphic designers, and illustrators in Paris are interviewed for the book, and their creative work — which is often thought-provoking and political — is featured along with their interview (and even some of their fanciful doodles). Sift through child-like illustrations, protest art, colorful murals, timeless paintings, mod posters, futuristic tech art, and much more in this diverse, compelling, and gorgeous book. Bilingual in English and French, The Tall Trees of Paris can be found at; Wager is the founder of Hellion Gallery in Portland:


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