Back to School Clean for Studious Guys

It’s that time of year to head back to the dorms, shared residence and frat houses. Just because you took Zoom classes last year before showering while wearing your boxers doesn’t mean you won’t have to sit in a face-to-face lecture with students, faculty and possibly a job recruiter.

This month we picked Barrel And Oak and Uppercut Deluxe products for the men’s shower.

For guys who don’t care about shampoo, body wash or bar soap. Perhaps try the Uppercut Deluxe 3 in 1 Wash. It’s made for hair, face and body. It has a bay rum scent and made with coconut oil to hydrate the body from head to toe. It’s perfect for the shaving kit or gym bag.

When your hair is having the extra scruffy day and you need to look presentable, we recommend a squirt or two of the Uppercut Deluxe Conditioner.   It will help detangle your rockin’ locks and create a healthy sheen while enhancing its fullness with strengthening biotin. We recommend you use this in your regimen at least twice a week.

Visit Uppercut Deluxe.

The scents of juniper, citrus and sage are infused in the Mountain Sage shampoo plus conditioner by Barrel And Oak. For guys who appreciate a masculine scent like the great outdoors, this product will not help you pass your exams but the students around you will take notice that you look clean, alert and smell great.

Check out their website here and it’s also available on









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