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It’s the time of year to blow out of the office at 3:00 pm on Friday if you even made it in at all…that’s right, it’s officially beach season! Regardless of whether you’re heading out to the Hamptons, the Jersey Shore or Nantucket, you’re going to want to look your best. Beauty News is here to tell you how.

Stayin’ Cool In Those Shades

We’re not talking that rental umbrella…we mean sunglasses! The hottest styles to look cool in this year coming from the Porsche Design shop.


What you thought the only thing Porsche made that kept you cool at the beach was a convertible? Think again!

These bad boys are made from Titanium and come with interchangeable lenses.

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Lounging Around

You know the beach isn’t all about splashing around in the water. You’ll spend a lot of time this summer just hanging around on the shore too…but what to wear besides that tired old suit and ratty t-shirt that you should have thrown out 5 years ago?


XCVI has some of the most fashionable casual wear this year. Their color scheme makes it perfect for a worn nautical look that didn’t come from Greenwich.

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Carry Your Gear

No one actually wants to throw a towel over their shoulder and drag their stuff out to the sand…doesn’t matter if you’ve got a place that’s right on the beach, it still seems too far to go empty handed. So how do you get your book, iPod, lotion, shades and whatever else it is that you can’t go without?


Strapp bag is like a compact version of the messenger bag that you drag to work everyday. Perfect for a day in the sun….just don’t forget to call and tell your boss you’re, *cough*, sick before you hit the sand.

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