Beard Envy Sends Men to a Doctor before the Barber


I’ve discovered a growing trend (pun intended) among men that may be appealing to some and appalling to others — beard transplants. Yes, you read correctly. Some men have headed to a doctor before the barber. The hair on the client’s head is shorn and transferred to the face for a more masculine visage. My guess is the scruff made popular by Hollywood leads like George Clooney, Ryan Reynolds, Donald Glover and Tom Hardy, have inspired this movement. The transplant can cost up to $7,000 and according to my research, the beard will continue to grow like regular follicles.

This topic raised a few plucked eyebrows in a verbal poll with my colleagues and friends. My summation is that physical alterations and cosmetic procedures are more socially acceptable for females, but men fall under a whole other discriminatory umbrella when it comes to vanity. Following is some professional input on this procedure and a few select products for beard maintenance.

Photo Credit: Dr. Jeffrey Epstein

“The request for facial hair transplantation has grown dramatically in my practice over the past five years, in no small part due to the rise in popularity of beards, one that is often attributed to that “hipster” look,” said Dr. Jeffrey Epstein. “The procedure can be done on almost anyone who desires more facial hair, whether that person wants a bit more scattered hairs, or a rather full goatee, sideburn and cheek beard. Using the incisionless technique called FUE (follicular unit extraction), it is possible to perform the beard restoration and not leave a linear donor site scar, allowing the patient to shave his head if desired.”

Facial hairstyles range from Steampunk mustaches to precision sculpted goatees and full throttle bushy beards (Duck Dynasty) are becoming more in vogue.

H20+ is celebrating their 25th anniversary with the release of Oasis Men. It’s a collection of skincare products that I’ll review in the months to come, but with regards to beards and shaving, I recommend the Precision Shave Hydro Foam.

Men’s skin changes depending on the elements, his health and the seasons. I mix up my shaving routine depending on the temporary condition of my skin; sometimes I use a cream, other times a gel or a foam, etc. This foam is light and lubricating and perfect for cleaning-up the neck.

Visit: H20 Plus.

One of my favorite websites for American made products and ingenuity is They offer some of the coolest and most creative homegrown items. One such item that I recommend for shaving is SallyeAnder Soaps.

Not all men like to shave with creams and gels; this bar shave soap is another option. It’s handcrafted with cocoa, shea and capuacu butter, this combination creates an amazing razor glide. The scent is a bit strong for my liking, but for the outdoorsman, the potent Evergreen and Spruce scent will help remove bristles like a grooming convention for lumberjacks.

See all the shaving soaps at

Billy Jealousy has a 3-product kit called Beard Envy: Beard Wash, Brush and Beard Control. The wash freshens up the beard, the brush will help tame the facial hair with firm boar bristles and the control will help smooth the follicles and keep the style. It’s a must have for that grizzly bear face.

Check it out at Grooming Lounge or visit Billy Jealousy.

Bulldog has a complete line of hair and skincare products for men from “across the pond” — The United Kingdom. I like their Original Shave Gel, in particular. Packed with 8 essential oils, I find the razor glides extremely well over the skin and men can shape and sculpt the mustache or goatee with ease.

Read about all of their products and make a purchase at

I love shopping at That’s how I discovered beard oil.

Mr. Natty loves your hairy face and has created Frank’s Beard Elixir to help cleanse, moisturize and condition the whiskers. This product made my beard softer and shinier. I am a fan of the citrus and vetiver scent.

Check out or visit

Big Red Beard Combs were made out of necessity. The owner is a craftsman with a background in furniture making. He loathed plastics so he created the first comb out of a single piece of wood and his business has grown faster than a 5 o’clock shadow. This company has a great selection of wood combs and beard products.

Do some wood shopping at

Not everyone has the same opinion regarding beard transplants. According to Dr. Robert Dorin, one of New York City’s trusted hair restoration surgeon and co-partner of True & Dorin: The Hair Loss Doctors, “Beard transplants work for filling in gaps or small patches, however, for men looking to thicken hair or raise the contour or change the shape of the beard it is not an effective treatment,” he says.

My final recommendation for men with their enhanced beards is to shave and trim in the shower. The steam will help soften the hair follicles. You may also want to try Beard Destroyer Shave Cream and Groovy Gadgets from Grooming Lounge. I know you won’t want to “destroy” your implanted hair but the fogless mirror and nose hair clipper will keep you groomed and presentable.

I frankly find beard transplants a bit peculiar and extreme, but if that is what a guy wants to do to improve his looks, I say go for it. I’d rather see men make an effort than throw the towel in and say this is who I am: out of shape, unkempt and uncaring about his appearance.

Photos: PK Greenfield

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