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The beauty industry’s next victim, eh hem, target? Men, of course. (Haven’t we always been victims of beauty?). Many beauty companies are catering to the demographic of picky clientele who won’t shave with any ordinary razor or slap any old moisturizer on their stubble-free chin.


In 2005, the men’s skincare market was $108 million, only a slice of the $8 billion skincare market. But this year, experts predict it will top over $300 million. And beauty companies are racing to get products on the counter before you can say “Jack Sparrow.”

It’s anyone’s guess as to what products men will have in their medicine cabinets by the year 2010. One might say that answer is right there in front of you, in your girlfriend’s beauty bounty. If she has an anti-aging cream, I’ll lay odds so will you. Pore minimizing mask? You bet. Personally, I’ll have to draw the line at those little floral mitts you put on after slathering your hands with anti-aging hand cream with crushed pearls.

In fact, while lots of men have embraced pumiced heels and snipped cuticles by getting regular pedicures and manicures, I for one, prefer to keep my skincare regimen to the manly bare minimum: cleanser and moisturizer. OK, and perhaps the occasional scrub.

I wonder: Do men really need under-eye concealers? The mind reels.

Clinique’s Skincare for Men line has actually been around since the 1970s. Its most popular product in the line is the Face Scrub. This month, their Concealer for Men, made for dark undereye circles and to camouflage imperfections, will hit shelves across the country and men across America will answer the million-dollar question for me.


Lumene’s set of skincare products for men are designed for the toughest of guys. The ingredients from arctic nature include copper, magnesium and zinc. The Daily Face Wash and Pre-Shave scrub are good items to have in your cabinet. The pre-shave scrub definitely gives you a better and cleaner shave, with less chance of nicking.

The Soothing After Shave Balm heals minor nicks and cuts and doesn’t sting. The Moisturizing Face Cream doesn’t coat your skin with fragrance or excessive oil. This is a good basic, no frills men’s skin care line.

If you seek a more refined (poncey) skincare regimen, you may want to try It is London’s one-stop grooming emporium for men, and they have their own set of luxury skincare products for even the most discriminating men. Try their Shave Foam Gel, which is extraordinary.

I might not be a metrosexual male and I am definitely not a primper, but I will admit one thing: after using Lumene and The Refinery’s products, my skin became noticeably smoother). So I’m thinking that by 2010 I might actually be using that under-eye concealer. Maybe good grooming for men is not such a bad idea after all.

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