Best Buzzed-About Bee Products

World Bee Day is celebrated around the globe annually on May 20 to honor these small creatures that are vital for the preservation of ecological balance and contributing to biodiversity. So let’s pay tribute to the bees with these must-have products that you can use all year round:

Save the Bees Quick Dry Tee from Coalatree
This eco-friendly unisex athletic T-Shirt is a staple to have for the eco-minded individual. Made with recycled coffee grounds, it fits well and is quite comfortable. Save the Bees Quick Dry Tee comes in a Honey or Heather color. You will definitely make a statement when you walk into the room, and it’s a conversation starter. The clothing brand Coalatree is known for its ethical and environmentally safe outdoor apparel, hammocks, blankets, and bags. Since the company started using signature coffee grounds and material, Coalatree has been able to save thousands of plastic bottles and hundreds of cups of coffee from landfills and is proud of their stylish and functional products that are sustainable to make the world a healthier place to live. To preserve your shirt, machine wash cold and flip it inside out. Free shipping and free duffel bad with all orders over $100. View the entire fabulous Coalatree collection at

The Beeswax Co. Candles
If you like candles, then you are going to love The Beeswax Co. These awesome candles are made with the highest quality of 100% pure domestic beeswax and 100% cotton wicks for the cleanest burning candles you can buy. The benefit of this is that the candles burn longer than other candle brands, and do not drip. Beeswax candles illuminate a beautiful bright light so they are perfect for parties or when you want something calming to place around your home. The fragrance is not overpowering, since the candles are naturally scented by nectar of flowers and honey packed into the honeycomb from which they are produced. The beeswax is directly sourced predominately from beekeepers in Texas, ensuring the purest and most natural beeswax in all of the candles. The company takes great care in every product they create, and each artisan candle is poured and burnished by hand. Very impressive! The Beeswax Co. recommends keeping your wicks trimmed to ¼” or less to prevent soot. If your candle is dirty or dusty make sure you clean it carefully first with a paper towel or a lint free cloth. Brighten the room and nab your candles at

Save The Bees Socks
Who doesn’t love some fun socks? Even better are socks that make a statement. Lavley’s Save The Bees Socks express that you understand the importance that bees have on their environment and their contribution to nature. The lively colorful socks make a wonderful gift for just about anyone. Socks are always needed, and the Lavley brand is known to be durable and to last for many years without color fading, while maintaining that comfortable fit. Get your unique socks and check out other best sellers at

Honey Caramel by Southern Caramel.
Indulge your sweet palate and support local beekeepers and their bees with Honey Caramel by Southern Caramel. Produced by two small family businesses in central Florida, the father/daughter duo at Southern Caramel has teamed with LKC Honey, a local family-owned small batch honey harvester to create these exclusive honey caramel treats. All of the confections are made in small batches to guarantee the finest quality and consistency. Each caramel is rich and delectable and will satisfy your sweet cravings in a soothing experience. These caramels are perfect to have around the home when you have visitors and make a great add-on gift to throw in with other presents. Find these delicious caramels at

Bunnies by the Bay Buzzbee
Cute as can bee, Buzzbee by Bunnies by the Bay is an adorable and delightful plush stuffed animal that likes to buzz around and declare “Save the Bees.” Buzzbee is soft gray and orange velour, with knit dangly arms, legs, and antenna, with an included velcro loop for attaching to strollers and car seats. Just perfect to take along for trips and walks to keep your bundle of joy entertained. The packaging Buzzbee comes in is even exquisite. The crinkle wings are great for sensory development and are comforting to play with. Buzzbee has a lot of other fun plush friends looking to be loved as well, so be sure to check out the versatile collection. Sign up for VIP access to perks and awards with your email and enjoy 15% off of your first purchase. Snag your very own Buzzbee and more at


Telina Cuppari Senior Staff Writer at Beauty News NYC
Telina Cuppari

Senior Staff Writer

Telina Cuppari is a world explorer who loves people and pizza. Originally from California, Telina speaks three languages and has worked in seven countries and traveled extensively in over 30 nations. She now resides in New Jersey where she holds two Guinness World Records for the Largest Collection of Pizza-Related Items. Her husband was kind enough to let her turn their garage into a pizza museum. Telina received her master’s in Edinburgh, Scotland and after spent three more years in the capital writing for one of the country’s largest newspapers about her failed relationships and dating foreign men. She loves anything beauty related, cooking strange food that’s super healthy, and meeting new people. Telina is the founder of Pizza Kindness. An independent, nonprofit dedicated to spreading kindness throughout the tri-state with pizza-related events and campaigns to support college scholarships and other charitable organizations.