Braun 3 Series for a Cupid’s Kiss this Valentine’s Day

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Get rid of that beard, mustache or goatee. Well, at least for a day or so. Our facial hair may evoke masculinity and establish character but a smooth, kissable face this Valentine’s day is a nice change of pace and probably preferred.

I’ve been a wet-razor shaver since my father taught me the routine (it included a shaving cup and horse-tail brush). Discovering something new and electric that does an equal job has been a great welcome.

The Braun 3 electric shaver can be used wet or dry and gives a close, effective shave; it also has a trimming clipper on the backside. It’s tough on facial hair but smooth on the skin.

I’ve tried electric shavers in the past and always returned to the straight-edge razor. However, the Braun instructions wisely inform the user that it takes several procedures for the hair follicles to adapt to this new shaving regimen. The longer you use this system, the better it shaves.

It comes with a charging station and maintains power for over two days without re-charging. The system also includes a fluid that cleans the blade heads.

Shaving is a grooming and hygienic chore that everyone endures. The Braun 3 makes it easier without purchasing disposable blades.

Bottom line: The flowers and chocolates are nice but a smooth face will make it a memorable Valentine’s Day.

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