Connect + Get Creative with Baketivity

Baking with the family is a fantastic and meaningful way to reconnect, take a break from screens and daily hectic life, while making delicious memories. Incorporate Baketivity into your family’s day to see what these versatile creations have to offer.

Baketivity creates signature subscription boxes and single kits that include everything from Cake Pops, French Eclairs, Bagels to Gluten-Free options. These awesome sets are made for all seasons, holidays, and everyday baking. In each kit you’ll receive delectable recipes with pre-measured ingredients, a short educational lesson, and an entertaining activity.

What I love about Baketivity is that you can now take a culinary travel tour of the world without leaving your own kitchen. Baketivity enables you to experience various foreign delights while learning about the country’s culture as well. Provide your email for 10% off your first order. Get baking and nab your scrumptious kit HERE.

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