Cool Finds – Father’s Day Edition

Father’s Day is coming up pretty quick! We’re here to tell you what gift to get for good ole dad that he’s really going to appreciate.

Dads (men) have a tendency to get a little set in their ways as they get older, yet like all men they still wish to be hip and cool. That’s what mom is for, to keep them with it as best she can, and to make sure they don’t leave the house in a state would be….well….less than desirable. These gifts will help keep Dad on the cutting edge!

[b]For Dad On The Links – X1R Remote Control Caddie[/b]

Odds are that Dad likes to golf, and despite his age, all boys still like to have their toys. The X1R is not only one of the most high tech golf caddies out there, it looks like it too! The standard version is completely controlled by remote, from up to approximately 50 yards away. Running on a rechargeable battery the X1R will last you all day on a single charge. The X1R features a lightweight, highly compact design for ease of transportation.

[center]an image[/center]

The Special Edition is available in custom colors, and with custom symbols, perhaps you want to match the vanity plate on Dads Porsche…

For More Information: [url=][/url] Price: $1,995

[b]For Dads Workshop – The Craftworks Refrigerator[/b]

The Craftworks Refrigerator is the perfect addition to any workshop. Stock it with Dad’s favorite brew, to really give him a treat. The fridge looks just like a toolbox, with locking wheels and an interior designed to accommodate stacked cans, 2-liter bottles, and gallon jugs.

[center]an image[/center]

For More Information: [url=][/url] Price: $299

[b]For Dad At Home – Lock Stock & Barrel Grooming[/b]

What do you do when Dad has been using the same old hair products that weren’t so great when they went onto the market during the Regan administration? Get him the latest from the other side of the pond! Lock Stock & Barrel Grooming offers a full line of men’s hair care product.

[center]an image[/center]

For More Information: [url=][/url] Price: $16.25 – $20.50

[b]For Dad At The Office – Motorola Q Smartphone[/b]

Let dad wow all his friends with the latest and greatest in cell phone technology. The Motorola Q has more bells and whistles than the pimply guy in IT, or your younger brother will know how to teach him. It sports a QWERTY keyboard, high speed wireless broadband, Windows Mobile 5.0, Bluetooth, E-mail, and of course its got a camera. At only .45 inches thick the Q not only will it be the thinnest smartphone on the market, it also has a GREAT name (think James Bond)!

[center]an image[/center]

While the Q is not for sale at time of writing, it should be available before Father’s Day, and it will only be available at launch by Verizon Wireless.

For More Information: [url=][/url] Price: $199.99 (estimated)

[b]For The àœber Health Conscious Dad[/b] [center]an image[/center]

Gents, LLC offers the perfect gift the Dad who is ultra concerned about the health of his skin. sells only men’s cosmetics that are completely natural. Recent legislation in California and Europe has started a trend towards cosmetics that do not contain certain products that could potentially be carcinogens. In response to this Gents only sells products that certified all natural.

For More Information: [url=][/url]

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