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When you think of Earth Day, Going Green and all of the buzz-words and hot topics du jour, it can get to be a little overwhelming. Besides recycling those beer bottles from the weekend, turning the lights off when you don’t need them and putting your papers in the right bin, you might be wondering what other steps you can take to decrease your “footprint”.

Well, my friends, in honor of Earth Day and this great planet of ours, I’ve compiled a few of my favorite eco-friendly, green, organic products that will keep you looking and feeling great – while helping the environment.

Go Organic From Your Feet Up


Forget the green thumb, go for the green feet with Teko’s Supima Organic Cotton socks. 100% organically grown in the US, these socks are absorbent, strong and soft. Seamless cuff and Lycra for support means they fit well and stay put. Ecopoly reinforced toe and heel is made of recycled polyester and keeps those hi-stress areas durable.

Jealousy Means Going Green


Billy Jealousy is one of the best skin care lines when it comes to caring for male skin, and their Combat Lines Face Moisturizer one of the premier products in the collection. This moisturizer has an SPF of 30 and employs the latest in organic broad-sprcturm UVA/UVB protection. They also use their patented ingredient, derived from Aloe vera, to protect skin while correcting signs of previous sun damage. Add to that some plant extracts to condition the skin, and vitamins A, B, C, and E – antioxidants that have been shown to counteract damage from free-radicals, often caused by sun exposure.

A Stitch In Time…


Earnest Sewn’s Greencaste Fulton Jeans are undeniably cool and comfortable. Plus, the Greencaste line of organic cotton jeans are air dried, eliminating the use of electricity and gas. To achieve their cool washes, they opted for natural surfactants instead of harsh detergents, which add hazardous chemicals to the environment. And when you purchase a pair, proceeds will go to 1% For the Planet, a network of more than 800 companies that are committed to improving our environment through donations to over a thousand environmentally-concerned organizations worldwide. Look hip and for once, actually be hip. for the jeans and to learn more about 1% For the Planet.

Organic Cotton Hoodie, Courtesy of Mrs. Bono


Edun is the line of Organic Cotton clothing backed by Bono’s better half. The Organic Hooded Cotton Sweatshirt shown here is machine washable, feels great, and looks sharp. The Scorched Earth Cargo Shorts are stylish and comfortable. Both at

Check out the Green Apple Music Festival – America’s Largest Earth Day Celebration. April 18-20.

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