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Seal the Deal

The recently launched Crest Whitestrips Advanced Seal features a groundbreaking adhesive formulation that holds the whitening strips in place. You get the same superb whitening results as regular Crest whitestrips, but the way the strips adhere to your teeth makes the daily 30-minute regimen much more comfortable – you can actually hold a conversation wearing these whitestrips without sounding as if you’re gargling at the same time.

The kit comes with 14 upper and 14 lower strips. Noticeable whitening can be seen in three to four days. Retails for $45.


MenScience Daily Shampoo is formulated with professional ingredients and pure, gentle cleansers to provide the high performance levels you expect from your grooming products. Biological exfoliators and nutrients support increased resilience and vigorous growth for healthier looking hair. The advanced cleansing agents gently remove dirt and impurities but maintain natural hair softeners, making this shampoo ideal for all hair types. Alpha and beta hydroxy acids naturally shed organic deposits and dead cells from the scalp and hair to restore natural shine and moisture.

MenScience Daily Shampoo is gentle enough for daily use. Contains none of the harsh detergents and chemicals that can debilitate hair and are commonly used in shampoos. It rinses off clean, leaving no residue to mat hair down. $26 per 12 fl oz bottle.

All Hands On Deck

A biodegradable pumice cleanser for your hands and feet, California North Barbary Coast Hand & Foot Scrub is a solvent-free scrub, which attacks even the toughest elements, such as engine grease from work on your mountain bike, boat, or car. A favorite of cooks and gardeners, it contains skin moisturizers and healers to combat dryness and abrasions.

The product was tested on the toughest, hard-as-nails marine industry workers at Schoonmaker Point Marina in Sausalito, California. $16 per 7 oz tube.

Here Comes the Sun

MenScience TiO2 Sunblock SPF 30 combines advanced ingredients for the ultimate sunscreen. This ultra-light, non-greasy waterproof and sweat-proof formula provides maximum protection while moisturizing, nurturing and helping to repair the damaging effects of the sun.

The key ingredient is titanium dioxide – also known as TiO2 – an FDA-approved chemical that deflects UV rays from the skin’s surface and complements other sunscreen ingredients for maximum sun blockage. Unlike chemical sunscreens that penetrate and directly react with the skin, Titanium Dioxide provides a physical layer of protection, causing harmful rays to be deflected or absorbed. For everyday use or for extreme environmental conditions. $31 per 4 oz bottle.

Smooth Operator

Barc Cutting Up Shave Cream is an enriched formula that softens beard hair to ensure the smoothest of shaves. This rich, thick shave cream contains proven beard softeners to help reduce shave bumps, prevent irritation, and to soothe, hydrate and nourish the skin.

Fragrance free, the product contains has been formulated, tested and retested to include the finest and most effective ingredients to treat and compliment the genetic make-up of all types of skin and tones. $20 per 6 oz jar.

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