Cool Finds

On a Roll

With Father’s Day in mind, a unique gift might be Rolling Razor Inc.’s new shaver, which they tout as “the most advanced shaving technology in over a century.” While I might not go quite that far, I do agree that the Rolling Razor has its upside. The multi-directional Rolling Razor for men was engineered to intuitively apply the perfect amount of pressure to the area being shaved so a man can effectively shave his face, neck and head without painful scraping and irritation. Designed for ultra precision and control, the Rolling Razor is easy to use, flows with your natural motion and provides a faster shave by using dual heads. The Non-Slip Rubber Grip helps prevent slipping. Retails for $14.95.

Speak Softly and Carry a Potent Stick

As the days heat up and we begin to sweat more and apply sun protection, many of us will likely be faced with summertime acne. Tisserand Organic Tea-Tree Clear Skin Anti-Blemish Stick treats blemished, problem skin – even acne – exceptionally well. With purifying organic tea-tree oil, protecting wild crafted kanuka oil and cleansing witch hazel, this naturally antiseptic solution detoxifies, soothes and defends the skin. It’s perfect for fast healing of scrapes and cuts, as well. It doesn’t over-dry the skin or stain clothes. An easy application wand makes this a great solution for home and on-the-go. Tisserand’s Organic Tea-Tree Clear Skin Anti-Blemish Stick is available now at all U.S. Ulta stores and at the Ulta website for $8.00.

Surround Sound

A perfect gift for the digital dad, the stylish Sonos Multi-Room Music System allows dad to have music in every room of the house, from the office to the bedroom to the backyard, all by a handheld remote (or iPhone/iPod Touch). Sonos comes with 25,000 free Internet Radio Stations, shows and podcasts along with free music services – Pandora and Last.FM – so there’s something to listen to right out of the box. If pops has a hard drive already filled with digital music or a CD collection, he’s in luck because Sonos liberates all the music from the computer so he can enjoy that music in any and every room of the house – simultaneously, if desired. Sonos also offers a free iPhone application to control the entire system remotely. The system is wireless, and set up is fairly simple. The Sonos is $999 for a two-room bundle.

Small Wonder

Fidelity Electronics has rolled out the Fidelity VPC – Very Personal Computer: a fully preloaded, 1.5 lb., Wifi portable computer with a breakthrough suggested retail of $199.

VPC first shipments have been to school boards, college bookstores and select retailers across the U.S. and Canada. With a bilingual (English/French) custom Linux operating system, VPC is out-of-the-box ready with all programs preloaded including a web browser, word processor, spreadsheet, games, media player, image slideshow, ebook reader, edictionary, calculator and more.

The Fidelity VPC allows users to, “Surf, mail, write, create and play on this affordable, lightweight very personal computer,” says Richard Kizner, Director of Marketing for Fidelity Electronics. “Nothing to load, nothing extra to buy and if needed, no charge set up assistance and customer service” he adds.

Remember the Titan

Father’s Day seem to produce an unlimited array of new shaving equipment, creams, lotions and after shaves. A new entry is the Titan 6 from ShaveMate, which features an unparalleled six blades. Additionally, the Titan comes with high-quality shaving cream inside the handle for easy dispensing. Users simply press the bottom of the razor handle to dispense a stream of foamy shaving cream. The lanolin-enriched formula inside the handle is ample enough to provide a full week or more of smooth shaves.

The razor sports a patented “Flex-Neck” technology that maintains even pressure for smoother strokes. It also comes with the “Aqua-Flow Blade Rinse” feature that channels water through the blades for easy cleaning. The ShaveMate razors are equipped with a moisturizing glide strip of soothing Allantoin for less irritation and more comfort. Retails for 9.99 per three-pack.

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