Cool Finds

Earth, Wind & Fire

Hugo Element cologne is inspired by the energy of the four elements of nature: earth, water, fire, and air. The top note features the synthetic material, calone, which represents the water element. The middle note is driven by ginger and coriander leaf, representing the fire element. Finally, the base note is powered by woody scents, particularly cedarwood, which represents the earth element. $49.50 per 2.0 oz eau de toilette 2.0 fl.

Bachelor Pads

MenScience Advanced Acne Pads, feature antibacterial, exfoliating and healing ingredients that remove dirt, oils and acne-causing bacteria. Made with prescription-grade, maximum strength 2% concentration of salicylic acid, the pads prevent breakouts and blackheads. The formula contains glycolic acid, tea tree extract and witch hazel to remove oily residues and buildup, and maintain a clear, acne-free complexion. The alcohol-free, fast-absorbing treatment works well on all skin types. Retails for $22 for a jar of 50 pads.

The Equalizer

Created to fight ageing on all fronts, Nickel Silicon Valley Wrinkle Equalizer contains specific which peptides have a three-dimensional effect on the surface, depth and density of wrinkles. The patented Vitamin E-F complex, enriched with essential fatty acids, reinforces the synthesis of neo-collagen and neo-elastin to firm the skin and give the jaw a sharper outline. The anti-oxidizing and anti-glycation properties alleviate marks and alterations. The cream provides immediate softness and “special effects” that reflect the light and immediately smooth out wrinkles. $80 per 1.7 fl oz jar.

Black & Blue

The Jack Black Jet Set Traveler is a four-piece kit containing daily skin care products in a convenient mesh bag. This ultra-convenient package will meet your face, body and shave needs, all in airline-approved sizes. The travel kit contains four, 1.5 ounce skin care essentials: Cleanse: Pure Clean Daily Facial Cleanser; Exfoliate: Face Buff Energizing Scrub; Shave: Supreme Cream Triple Cushion Shave Lather; and Moisturize & Protect: Double-Duty Face Moisturizer SPF 20. The set retails for $32.

A Cure-All

The first men’s fragrance from Viktor & Rolf, Antidote features a rich, woody-Oriental scent in a classic expression of masculine elegance with a flair for sophistication. Antidote contains top notes of mint leaves and Italian bergamot , middle notes of spicy black pepper and cinnamon, and base notes of sandalwood, ebony, and patchouli. A 4.2 oz eau de toilette spray sells for $90. Antidote aftershave lotion, balm and shower gel are also available.

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