Cool Finds


Here’s a quartet of things we love for men, very cool finds in the thrall of summer:

Anyone who has ever yearned for perfect headphones will appreciate the varied offerings from JVC. The new JVC All-Star headphones are available in five sport-themed color combinations, and they offer superb sound and sound isolation from background noise. An iPhone-compatible plug completes the picture. Are you a runner? JVC’s Sport Clip headphones are equipped with an adjustable clip structure that features five positions for a secure fit – a runner’s dream come true! They’re also splash proof, making them ideal for all sports and any form of exercise, and offer powerful sound. Peruse the lineup at

Bored at work? Play with a miniature Zibits robot – which is noted for sparking creative thoughts while seated at desks. Available at Toys R Us, each of the dozen Zibits robot s are shaped differently, and are controlled by a small remote; the Zibits automatically powers off if it hasn’t been used in a while, thus preserving battery power. A Zibits robot is so enthralling that it wipes away all memories of long meetings and excel file input. It will also endear you to co-workers.

The CASIO™ G’zOne Brigade is the first rugged, texting device to offer access to corporate email. This hardy phone is built to military specifications and can survive extreme shock, water and dust environments. It features a built-in camera for still photos and video, an LED light that doubles as a flashlight, and location based GPS capability for getting maps, directions and other essential information right on your phone. Grab it at

When grilling or chilling at home in the kitchen, Circulon has all of your cookware needs covered. The Circulon Total Nonstick System eliminates the need for butter and oil, naturally rendering your food lower in fat and calories. The Infinite Circulon Covered Saute Pan is an all-purpose, extremely versatile pan, perfect for sautéing meats, vegetables, chicken, eggs, or grilling sandwiches. Deep sides enable you to braise, stew, deglaze, or add additional ingredients after browning for first-date-ready rice or paella. The BBQ products were seemingly designed with the urban grill meister in mind. Visit

Whether indoor or out, you’ll appreciate these new innovations that make life just a little more enjoyable.

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