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The latest holiday season has come and gone, and you’ve gotten everything you’ve always wanted…or at least that’s what you thought! Check out this month’s latest Cool Finds that maybe…just maybe… you’ve already received this past month.

Nonami Premium
As previously covered within these pages, one of the most popular fashion trends is graphic printed tees. Nonami Premium offers a fantastic line of high quality unique shirts, plus much much more.


Don’t think that just because it’s winter you can’t use a new favorite t-shirt: Nonami looks great layered under a button down.

The tees are currently available at select Bloomingdale’s locations.

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From the land down under comes a soothing line of skin care products specially designed to meet the demanding needs of men. Not only is Jurlique’s men’s line extremely effect, it is also made from herbal extracts.


When your hands start to feel the bitter cold this winter make sure to use Jurlique’s hand moisturizer to fight that dry and cracked skin.

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Men’s Groom – Sore No More
From Men’s Groom, a fantastic line of all kinds of men’s care products comes one of the coolest products ever. Sore No More is to be applied to the skin when the muscles are sore…and yes this actually works, and it does so incredibly well. Designed to relax the muscles after they get tense after work or sore from the gym, Sore No More certainly lives up to its name.


While this isn’t the only cool item from Men’s Groom it is certainly the coolest…on your aching muscles anyway.

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