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This month’s Cool Finds are:
Drying Lotion – Ling Skin Care

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A quick and effective overnight fix for pesky acne pimples.

The lotion spot-treats pimples and breakouts by cleansing the infection and allowing the skin to heal. Sulfur to controls breakouts and bacteria; Zinc Oxide to normalize and heal skin disorders; Tea-Lauryl Sulfate to clean infections.

Don’t be mistaken by the name. It is not one of those acne treatments (often with a high alcohol percentage) that try do away with acne simply by drying out the skin. This one cleans the infection from the inside out.

Shake well before use and apply on infected area for no more than three consecutive nights.

Ling’s Drying Lotion, 0.5 oz, $32 Available at Ling Skin Care spa locations,, and by calling 1.888.815.LING

For noticeably fuller, sexier and more kissable lips.

Ever considered painful collagen injections to fix your pout? Don’t, anymore. LipFusion’s patented technology is here to plump lips, just so, instantly and painlessly. And unlike many other collagen infused lip-plumpers, this works!

In LipFusion, the collagen molecules are dehydrated into tiny microspheres in order to penetrate, or micro-inject, into the lips and then search for the body’s natural water to re-hydrate, creating a beautifully natural pout. It also hydrates, smoothes and conditions lips, and doesn’t burn, sting or turn your lips red.

For the perfect pout, simply apply a generous layer of LipFusion to clean, dry lips using the applicator wand.

LipFusion is carried exclusively at Sephora stores and on the Web at [b][/b], $36.

Scarguard ScarCare
Your personal mini plastic surgeon to reduce the appearance of hypertropic (raised) scars.

Scars are often formed from excessive and disbalanced pattern of collagen production in an area of injury, piercing, or incision. Scarguard is the only over-the-counter scar treatment product on the market that has been developed by a plastic surgeon. It harnesses the power of five proven therapeutic agents to treat scars – pressure, occlusion, silicone, corticosteroids, and vitamin E. Users typically complete the 4-12 week treatment regimen and see improvement.

Scarguard brushes on in a clear liquid that quickly dries to form a transparent, protective film. Can be applied on scars on the face or on the body. Beach season is not far away!

Available at your local CVS pharmacy. 0.5 oz $34.99; 1 oz $64.99

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