Cool Finds for Men

Here’s a roundup of items that may be small, but impart enormous benefits. They also speak to the ingenuity of their creators, and in some cases, solve little problems before they balloon into larger ones.

U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan swear by Skincando’s Combat-Ready Balm as an effective cure for bug bites, sunburn and dry skin. Chock full of organic goodness such as vitamins, flowers, and essential oils and fatty acids, each jar is hand-made to order. The Skincando line also includes a dramatically hydrating Miracle Cream for men, a rich Eye Balm, and the myrrh-infused Brew Lip Balm with Tahitian coconut butter and vitamin E; visit to choose your weapon.

iChair offers protective, soft rubber cases with stands for your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch to cover your gadgets and enable easy viewing while traveling or even lounging around at home. You sit, and it stands. Safeguard against scratches and angle your device to the perfect viewing spot with iChair’s integrated stand. Find these fun, affordable casings with screen protectors and cleaning cloths at

The Joby Gorilla Pod tripod is a brilliant flexible tripod that enables twisty, unusual shots and for everyone to be in the picture. The Gorilla Pod Magnetic Tripod version has magnetic feet to stick to unique surfaces. If you visit, you’ll be enthralled by the possibilities this brilliant product can deliver – especially if you love photography.

Gear Ties are bendable rubber ties that make life easier when biking, going to the gym, storing items in the fridge or shelves, packing, organizing, etc. They have hundreds of uses, are reusable, are available in five different sizes, and offer an array of colors for coding. Pick them up at

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