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Men Supporting One Another With Charity-Related Products

Finally some companies are starting to ‘get it’…men want to be a part of the whole ‘give back’ thing and being auctioned off as Bachelors in bidding-for-a-date isn’t the only way we can participate. However, you may be challenged to find the kind of cool products-with-charity tie-ins that our female counterparts have been privy to for eons. In fact, in writing this article it seemed to me that the male contingent on this side of the ‘pond’ are a few years behind their British counterparts when it comes to organizations and products that are dedicated to raising funds and awareness for men’s health issues. So with every bit of optimism I can muster to rally my XY chromosome compatriots, here are a few products you can pick up (stuff you need anyhow) and at the same time, help raise funds and awareness for causes that should be near and dear to the hearts (and other parts of our anatomy) of all men. And to the companies out there profiting from the fastest growing sector of the beauty industry: Men’s grooming products. Get with it. We’re willing to spend our dough to look good but we expect you to get behind issues that affect us as you rake in the coin. Take tips from:

Man Kind Tea That’s Kind To Men


The Republic of Tea joins the Prostate Cancer Foundation in a mission to save men’s lives. Their Man Kind Tea Blueberry Green Tea not only tastes great, but each sale of the product result in a 75 cent donation to the PCF. Men and women alike will enjoy the refreshing beverage, while helping to battle prostate cancer, which is the most commonly diagnosed non-skin cancer in the United States. A little known (and alarming) fact about prostate cancer: one in six American men will develop the disease in the course of his lifetime. Alarming, when you consider that’s 33% higher than women in this country facing the possibility of dealing with Breast Cancer.

Lamkin Gets A Grip on Prostate Cancer


To show their commitment to the golfing community (and let’s face it, most men enjoy their time on the green), Lamkin is partnering with Arnold Palmer and the PCF to give back. Lamkin will donate a portion of each after-market regrip sale to the Prostate Cancer Foundation. Their goal? Raise awareness, and at least one million dollars in the next five years. Their hope is that treatments and cures are within reach.

For more information on Lamkin’s grips and their commitment to fighting prostate cancer, go to

Anti-Aging, Anti-AIDS


Men’s Youth Anti-aging skincare products will donate $1 to amfAR for every sale of their featured charity products. Each time you purchase the Time Saver gentle cleanser, YES skin hydration and/or Best Friend moisturizer, you’re helping to raise funds and awareness to fight the spread of AIDS.

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