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Issue: Hectic lifestyle, pollution, chronic stress, little sleep, not enough fluids (coffee and wine don’t count) – all resulting in stressed, dull, lifeless skin. Oh, and the holiday season is fast approaching! Things are not going to get better anytime soon.

Solved: Skyn Iceland Oxygen Infusion Night Cream

How: Proprietary Biospheric complex uses natural plant extracts from the earth, micro-encapsulated oxygen from the air, and Icelandic glacial water infused with native medicinal herbs to restore what environmental and lifestyle-related stressors take away from the skin.

The cream works with the skin’s natural renewal process to recharge and revitalize overnight. Wake up with improved tone and texture.

Find it now: At
$75 for 2oz

Issue: Winter is in the air and the air is getting dry. Your hands feel chapped and dry, cuticles break – and even bleed. This is not surprising given that our hands have the fewest and smallest of oil glands than any other part of our body.

Solved: Jack Black Industrial Strength Hand Healer

How: Eucalyptus and vitamins A and E work to nourish dry calloused skin while glycerin and allantonin help lubricate, hydrate and soften. A targeted delivery system preserves the ingredients at their full potency to help achieve the best results, such that, with just one application, hands feel and look vastly more decent. We love it!

Find it now: At Bloomingdales, Sephora, Nordstrom’s, or
$14 for 3 oz

Issue: Busy and buzzing like a bee – from the office to the gym to social appointments. Need less baggage to lug around.

Solved: Johnny B. Shampoo Paste

How: Great three-in-one product – shampoo, conditioner, and shaving cream – for on-the-go people. Saves space in your briefcase, gymbag, or travelpack.

The active ingredients prevent dandruff and itchy scalp and act as conditioning agents for the skin when used as a shaving cream. The product is gentle enough for everyday use.

Unlike many other such multiuse products, the dense consistency of this paste makes for a rich lather, greatly enhancing its functionality as a shaving cream.

The same ice-creamy consistency coupled with the delicious smell of cinnamon oil and menthol makes one wonder if it could have a fourth use as a snack. However tempting, we recommend that you resist the urge.

Find it now: At or in salons – 888.828.5278.
$10 for 6oz

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