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Call it tiny, call it powerful, call it fashionable…no it’s not the next Razr phone this is Flybook. A unique blend of fashion and mobile technology, Flybook is available in seven vibrant colors. Use it to make a statement the boardroom will never forget at your next presentation. Flybook offers everything you’ll ever need in terms of connectivity and computing power, GPRS, GSM, Bluetooth, and WiFi come standard. If you aren’t satisfied with all those acronyms, you can even use this baby as a Tablet PC. Only 9 inches wide, weighing in at 2.7 lbs, you’ll forget you’re even carrying it with you!

Available in 7 different colors from], also available at Barney’s right here in the city.

[b]Double-Shot by Moxie for Men[/b]

Double-Shot is a caffeinated eye cream, for those of us who just can’t seem to get rid of those bags under their eyes from endless hours at the office, or late nights at the club. Now you’re wondering how caffeine will help when you’re not ordering as Grande Soy Macchiato…well caffeine, when applied to the skin, helps to increase circulation, which in turn alleviates those unsightly bags under your eyes.

For more information go to

[b]The Missing Link[/b]

Looking for that special accessory to make you stand out just a bit? The Missing Link has anything you could possibly be looking for in terms of cuff links. With French Cuffs in style why not use it as a chance to show a little bit of “you”, in your outfit.

For more on French Cuffs please see our Spring 2006 Fashion Guide For Men.

The Missing Link is located right here in the city:
The Antiques Show Place
40 West 25th St.


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