NYFW: Cuervo, Campos and Cavolo

3C Compilation

In celebration of its 222nd year, represented by the artistic culmination and product of Ricardo Cavolo’s and Carlos Campos‘ first collaboration, Jose Cuervo’s new limited edition designs were unveiled during Fashion Week NYC 2017 at the Kola House in lower Manhattan. The leading tequila brand employed a successful and impressive 3C formula composed of Cuervo, Campos and Cavolo’s best elements.

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The pillars of Jose Cuervo’s tequila history The Heart of an Industry, The Devil’s Water, A Special Lady, and A Music Inspiration, were brought to life in four distinct new bottle designs, and exclusive apparel that gives the brand momentum and an unparalleled contemporary image.

Spanish artist Ricardo Cavolo was in charge of the new bottle series, visually representing the brand’s legacy via his creations — a direct appreciation for Mexican folkloric art, its energy, color and the concept of the mask. “My work was initially inspired by the strong lines, vivid colors and elementary nature of Romanesque Art. Curiosity arose to further explore these elements, which connected me with Mexican folklore. In this collaboration we were able to experiment on a collection full of strength, eccentricity, clarity, and precision”, said Cavolo.

Color Matters

José Cuervo delved into menswear, through Carlos Campos’ work, which seamlessly translated Ricardo Cavolo’s bottle designs into wearable art, giving tequila a new domain of existence. “My main goal for this collaboration was to respect Jose Cuervo’s heritage as well as Ricardo Cavolo’s designs, while providing my vision. I believe it was the perfect combination of eccentricity and minimalism. Here we have achieved a rich balance of form and composition with Cavolo’s liberty in the use of color and line” said Campos who designed and constructed the ready to wear apparel. The Honduran designer, who just finished showing his collection at New York Men’s Fashion Week, described this partnership as heritage, color, strength and structure.

Edición Limitada

Carlos Campos’ modern design DNA with Ricardo Cavolo’s expressive artwork allow a new generation to come in contact with Jose Cuervo’s essence in a complete sensorial experience, like drinkable art that everyone can contemplate and even wear.

Visit the following websites for more information on their work, creativity and collaboration.

Carlos Campos

Ricardo Cavolo

Jose Cuervo

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