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My Darling Husband (aka DH) has baby smooth skin and a minimum of fine lines. He is ten years older than me. WAAAA, its genetics. What else could it be? His “skincare routine” is embarrassing –he washes his face with whatever soap is in his shower (usually Irish Spring) or supplied at his gym, he uses any aftershave I buy him, he NEVER uses facial moisturizer or sunscreen, and he uses any generic lip balm (currently the one they handed out on JetBlue).


Babyface get with it…Great genetics won’t keep you looking good forever. Its time you learn the basics of men’s skincare. You don’t care? Really? This is who you might look like tomorrow, unless you start taking care of your skin today. Ok, DH, now that you are truly frightened — Let’s Do Skincare.


DH: What am I supposed to say?
BN: Say hello
DH: Ok, Hi!

BN: So DH, rumor has it you are a changed man. You have had your first facial, use facial cleanser and moisturize daily, bought a real lip balm, and now check products to see if they contain alcohol so that your skin doesn’t dry out. When did this life altering epiphany occur?
DH: When you told me I HAD to go for a facial and HAD to try a bunch of skincare products in the name of journalism.

BN: Please review your first facial experience with our readers…


DH: I went to Jo Malone for my first facial. You tricked me because I thought Jo was JOE and was for men. I went to the Jo Malone Shop, (located at the Flatiron Building) for the Jo Malone Express 45 Minute Facial. I was greeted by my facialist, Kristen Kammeraad. Before my facial began, Kristen told me I had beautiful skin.


BN: We know, we know. Did she faint when you told her you do nothing?
DH: She was surprised. She applied a cream cleanser called Jo Malone Eucalyptus and Mint Frothing Cleanse; she used toning and exfoliating products and massaged them into my face. I learned that most men actually exfoliate daily. We shave, which has a similar effect. She noticed my forehead was dry and recommended I use a daily moisturizer. At the end of the facial, she massaged my neck and shoulders.

BN: Did you see a difference?
DH: Yes, I felt great; my face looked very smooth and felt softer. I also like the Vitamin E lip gloss with sunscreen. My lips are usually dry and cracked in the winter and this works great.

BN: It’s not a lip gloss, its Jo Malone’s Vitamin E Lip Conditioner. How are you following up?

dh6.jpg dh7.jpg

DH: I tested a number of aftershaves and moisturizers. I don’t want to spend a lot of time on this, so I chose aMENity’s Aftershave and Moisturizer. It’s an all-in-one product and doesn’t smell like cologne or a woman’s moisturizer. Their website www.getamenity.com is very informative. My favorite product is the aMenity The Balm. I can use it on my hands, face, and feet – wherever my skin is dry. The balm isn’t heavy or sticky, in fact it absorbs very easily.

BN: I must say, you seem to be enjoying this!
DH: It’s not about enjoyment. It’s about what I learned and how these products will benefit me. For example, I have used Lubriderm as a moisturizer for so many years. I read ingredients now, and saw it has alcohol. Alcohol is drying, so why was I using it? More men need to be educated about skincare. The giant cosmetic companies should bring it to the forefront and start marketing skincare directly to men. Maybe they think there isn’t a big enough market. For me, it’s not about vanity; it’s about wellness and healthy skin. I don’t understand why so many skincare companies are ignoring us.

For more information on Jo Malone’s 45 Minute Express Facial, please call 212.673.2220

Jo Malone products are available on www.jomalone.com and www.saksfifthavenue.com
aMENity Skincare can be purchased at www.spacenk.com and at the Company’s website, www.getamenity.com

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