Do I Dare to Go Bare?
One Man’s Journey from Peaches to Nectarines


It was a chilly March afternoon. The phone rang. Sure enough, it was the call that I had been dreading, “Mike…we need you to get your goods waxed for the sake of journalism.” Beauty writing is a serious business, that’s for sure.

While some might consider below the belt waxes for men commonplace only in the porn industry, the trend is rising in men of all persuasions. face to face nyc, a cozy, minimalist Flatiron spa, offers a full range of waxing and sugaring for both men and women, though the majority of the spa’s clientele are male. The men’s waxing menu includes such gems as the ‘Marble Sack‘, ‘Crackdown‘, and ‘Full Moon Rising‘ – we’ll let you use your imagination as to the terrain covered by each.


I opted for the ‘South of the Border,’ a complete removal of hair from ‘treasure trail’ to undercarriage. Esthetician Diane led me into one of face to face nyc’s treatment rooms, which are relaxing, private and immaculately clean. She then left me with a neatly folded, dry, white washcloth and asked me to strip from the waist down. Diane gently knocked on the door a few minutes later to begin the treatment.

face to face nyc uses a prewarmed lavender hard wax, deep purple in color, which reduces irritation and is apparently less painful than traditional wax. Hard wax is thicker than regular wax, equally as effective as traditional, yet much gentler when removed. Diane started on one side of my groin and worked her way across with intense attention to detail. Slowly and painfully, section by section, I went from the proverbial peaches to nectarines.


The author, before…and after

I felt a bit of warmth and discomfort as I left the spa but the results of the wax were certainly worth it. I felt less chafing in the heat, a bit sexier and certainly freer. If we’re into full disclosure, the girlfriend loved it too. While it’s a moderate investment to make in grooming, I plan to return regularly. After all, once you wax, it’s hard to go back.

Some tips that I learned the hard way:

1: Take an Advil or aspirin a couple of hours prior to waxing. It won’t make the experience painless, but every little bit of pain relief helps.

2: Be sure that you have at least ¼ inch of hair to work with. If you have less hair, the results won’t be as clean or smooth and the experience will be more painful.

3: This is not the time to be shy or modest. While your unmentionables will be shrouded in a washcloth or small towel for the majority of the procedure, be prepared for complete exposure, depending on the breadth of the wax. No worries, waxers are professionals; they’ve seen it all before.

4: When making an appointment, be sure to note if you have a preference for a male or female esthetician. While a woman might make the most men more comfortable, don’t forget that a male waxer is more familiar with the terrain, therefore might be gentler.

5: Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that waxing doesn’t hurt. As any woman will gladly tell you, whether it’s a bikini wax or pair of killer high heels, beauty can be painful.

face to face nyc day spa is located at 20 West 20 Street, 6th Floor. For an appointment for a ‘South of the Border’ wax, call 212-633-0404 or visit

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