Dyson Hot™ is Cool Too

The company founded by James Dyson prides itself on innovation driven by engineering excellence. Superlative creations to date include Dyson’s line of powerful and efficient bag-less vacuum cleaners, and the remarkable Airblade™ hand dryer that harnesses surrounding air to instantaneously wipe hands dry through the directed force of focused air power. The technology behind that device is related to another innovation, the bladeless Air Multiplier™, that is at the core of Dyson’s selection of quietly efficient and elegantly designed cooling fans. Now, Dyson has gone a step further and come out with a combination heater and fan, the Dyson Hot™, that will provide customers with a year-round heating and cooling solution in an unconventional and revolutionary device based on cutting edge technology developed by the engineering and science based research teams at the company.

Innovation is the name of the game at Dyson, resulting in over 1,900 patents and applications for more than 300 different devices since 2011. Expertise in fluid, mechanical, electrical, EMC, thermal, chemical, acoustic and software engineering has enabled Dyson to continue pushing the envelope in designing machines that improve on traditional designs and better serve the public. The Dyson Hot™ offers a number of improvements on traditional room heaters including low surface temperatures and no visible heating elements, which contribute to a safer heating device. Adapting technology from turbochargers and jet turbines, the Dyson Hot™ uses patented Air Multiplier™ technology to quietly and efficiently draw-in and amplify surrounding air to produce a seamless source of hot air after it passes through a loop amplifier. This innovation forgoes more common electric coil and ceramic heating elements that present hazards and burning smells in notoriously dangerous heaters that are more commonly used in chilly rooms around the world. A key feature of this heater is an intelligent thermostat that measures surrounding air and regulates the amount of heat produced by the device. This allows the user to simply set a desired temperature, from 32 to 99 degrees Fahrenheit, and let the heater do its job without the need to continually adjust settings. The heater is also engineered to shut-off if the unit is tipped over for added safety protection, and includes a full-function remote with air volume and oscillation settings.

Dyson Hot™ is lightweight yet extremely durable – it’s constructed from the same tough ABS thermoplastic that’s used in car bumpers and crash helmets. It’s been tested to deliver 10 years of continuous service and comes with a two year parts and labor guarantee. The heater can be cleaned easily with a cloth and is so quiet that you probably won’t even hear its operation. Perhaps the best aspect of the Dyson Hot™ is the fact that its versatility allows for year-round use. You won’t have to pack this heater up in the summer because it’s not only a heater but functions as a cooling fan as well. As with any heater, effectiveness depends on usage in an insulated and closed space, and the device is rated to deliver optimum performance for up to 500 square feet. In my experience the Dyson Hot™ delivers on its promise of high-level design and engineering and, if you can afford it, is worth its premium price tag.

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