Exotic Skin Care for Men

A unique luxury line of grooming products debuts the U.S. this fall after a successful UK launch. Kyoku for Men makes the grade for its singular characteristics and exotic origins with natural elements native to a small village in Japan. Yazuri Hara, the “village of long life” boasts a 10 percent population that is over 80 years old and appears healthy and vibrant with youthful looking skin. Dr. Asim Akhtar’s study concluded that this was a result of the villagers diet and skin care routines involving the use of a range of plants, vegetables and herbs. He found that a male’s skin on the island contained five times the hylauronic acid found in the average man. Aging usually slows the synthesis of hylauronic acid, an agent that facilitates cell proliferation and migration and contributes to healthy skin. Dr. Akhtar proceeded to integrate active natural resources from Yuzuri Hara in combination with micro-particle technology to create a comprehensive new line of skincare products for men.

Kyoku for Men Razor Repair Balm ($34) is a thick cream to be rubbed into your skin immediately after shaving. This was the first product developed by Dr. Akhtar and it cured his razor burn in three weeks. After a heavy shave with a dullish razor the Razor Repair Balm provided soothing comfort immediately. The active ingredients are witch hazel and aloe leaf in combination with calming essential oils.

The Exfoliating Facial Scrub ($29) provides an invigorating skin scrub that helps to clean deep pores, eliminate blackheads, free ingrown hairs, and remove excess oils and toxins on your face. The texture is lightly abrasive and using the facial scrub produces a refreshing effect. Volcanic ash, Japanese rice bran and Adzuki bean are the active ingredients.

Kyoku for Men’s Daily Facial Cleanser ($29) is a major upgrade over the typical soap bar experience. Contains ginseng and peppermint for alertness, camellia seed to soften and moisturize, and sunflower oil with oat straw extract to prevent irritation and protect skin.

Kyoku Facial Moisturizer ($49) features anti-aging bamboo and pea extract, avocado oil, green tea leaf, aloe vera, plankton and vitamin E. The formula with SPF15 smoothes and protects your skin.

Kyoku Oil Control Lotion ($49) deploys an exclusive Kyoku Oil-Lift Technology involving dual-action micro-particles that reduce shine from oils while maintaining fully hydrated and smooth skin.

Kyoku Lip Fuel ($12.50) comes in a small tube and is formulated using three organic butters to soften along with peppermint and green teas extract to energize your lips. And it’s true; my lips feel especially alive and happy after using this stuff.

I also sampled several products from the Kyoku line that are not yet on the market, including Kyoku’s Pore Reducing Serum, Electric Pre Shave Spray and Sake-Infused Shave Cream. The color of this Sake-Infused Shave Cream is striking; a glittering pale shade of aqua that sparkles and glows when you open up the jar. Little more than a dollop of the cream will cover a light beard and I felt a slight and refreshing tingling on my face that was quite pleasant. Perhaps that was the sake going to work. In any event, I found Kyoku’s Sake-Infused Shave Cream to be an excellent product that offers an alternative to other high-end creams that are more like lotions and delivers an exotic barbershop shaving experience. I expect that these new goodies to join the Kyoku for Men line soon.


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