Face The Weather: 5 Great Skincare Lines For Guys


Guys, it’s that time of the year again: Spiked eggnog, ugly Christmas sweater parties, vacations, and dry, weather-damaged skin? One of those definitely needs to disappear from the line-up (besides the ugly sweater party).

Just because it’s getting colder and you have to ‘face’ the harsh elements, doesn’t mean your skin has to suffer. Here are five product lines that will help keep your face cleansed, exfoliated, moisturized, and in tip-top condition all season long.

No7 covers all the bases and does it well. The “Energising Face Wash” and the “Energising Face Scrub” both keep the consistency of a fresh, arctic scent while leaving your skin completely energized. They rejuvenate and cleanse without stripping the skin. For good moisture, the “Protect & Perfect Intense Serum” definitely stands out in the line. It feels amazingly silky and lightweight, dissolves in a flash, and leaves your face moisturized without any greasy residue. Try the “Hair and Body Wash” too! Love it.

Available at: http://www.walgreens.com.

When it comes to effective, natural skin care; Michael Todd gets it right! You’re going to love these products. The “Charcoal Detox: Deep Pore Gel Cleanser” is the perfect face wash, leaving your skin deep cleansed and baby soft just after the first use. The “Liposome Antioxidant Moisturizer” is an awesome addition to the regimen, and the minimal is needed to get the job done. Another stand out of this line has to be the “Avocado & Mango Hydrating Facial Mask.” Not only does it smell heavenly, it makes your pores disappear and your skin look absolutely vibrant. Good stuff!

Available at: http://www.michaeltoddtrueorganics.com.

The Art of Shaving keep skin care the way it should be. Simple. The “Facial Scrub: Peppermint Essential Oil” is my favorite scrub of them all, combining a subtle minty tingle, with the perfect amount of scrub and smoothness. The silky texture and gentle exfoliation beads leave your skin cool and relaxed. The “Moisturizer: Orange Essential Oil” stays true to the name with a faint citrusy scent of orange. It definitely moisturizes well with a minimal amount, and lasts all day. Also, make sure to check out the “After Shave Mask.” It provides a soothing sensation, while brightening and cleansing your skin after shaving. Two thumbs up!

Available at: http://www.theartofshaving.com.

Lab Series offers a well-rounded line of skin-care products. The “Invigorating Face Scrub” and “Multi-Action Face Wash” are great cleansers. They leave your face truly feeling fresh and invigorated. Clean but not dry. The “Age Rescue + Face Lotion” provides premium moisture while still feeling light as a feather. The “Eye Therapy Plus Ginseng” is a nice surprise as it goes on smooth and makes your eyes feel and look less tired. Definitely useful for those groggy, winter mornings. Every item does a great job at what it claims, which is the most important. Solid line-up.

Available at: http://www.labseries.com.

Customized organic skin-care for men. Organic 4 Male (OM4) has perfected the art of using eco-friendly ingredients to make products for any skin type. Whether you have normal, dry, oily, or sensitive skin, they have a regimen specifically for you. The “Micro Blended Bio Nutrient Face Wash” for normal skin gives your face just the right amount of soothing and gentleness, while still feeling thoroughly cleansed. The “Surface Refining PH Balancer” replenishes and refreshes, making you remember just why you still need to use a good toner. From the cleanser to the “Hydration Complex” moisturizer, every step counts. Your skin will look healthy, radiant, and ready to be admired. Great product line!

Available at: http://www.om4men.com.

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