Finding the One…for the Home at Least


1. Finding an incredible loft apartment in Tribeca: $
2. Finally not having to share with two other roommates: $$$
3. Furnishing the apartment: priceless…or at least severely discounted – see how

So you’ve finally graduated to having a place of your own. This signifies your transition from being a post college grad to a full fledged adult. Congratulations! You now have a place which serves as not only a home but a new and private sanctuary. Instead of moving all your Ikea belongings or mismatched hand-me-downs into your new, gorgeous blank canvas of a space, think about starting fresh with one new piece of furniture and building from there. A single great piece can set the tone for the room or even the entire apartment.

For example, Restoration Hardware has an amazing chaise, which I have been stalking online and in stores for months, hoping it will someday be on sale. It is called the Oviedo Chaise (shown in Vintage Cigar Leather).

This has universal appeal for both genders because it is traditional with a modern twist. The chrome base is masculine and modern, and the leather is comforting and inviting. The sleek reverse S shape just begs for a warm body. Pair it with a vibrant, contrasting cashmere throw and the color palette for the room is already on its way. Making an item such as this one the focal point of the room will help draw attention away from the drab old sofa with a new cotton twill slipcover (just a guess). If you cannot afford all new furniture, make do with what you have to work with and then add to it little by little. Try not to overwhelm the apartment’s limited space with ‘loud’ pieces or clutter. Remember, Rome was not built in a day… furnishing your apartment will take creativity, meticulous planning (for optimal layout and use of space), and time.

Some excellent online resources that may be helpful in ‘finding the one’ amazing piece for your home are: Rue La La ( and GILT ( For instance, in the home section of Gilt, there is an amazing funky, vintage looking turquoise sofa – SHINE by S.H.O (Lola Sofa) originally retailing for $10,237 but selling for $4,790. The color and the lines of the piece make it so unique, and would certainly be the main focal point of one’s living room. In addition, it is selling for more than a fifty percent discount.

The popular online retail website Rue La La, is currently highlighting furniture pieces and accessories by Zentique. Upon browsing I found an amazing oak and linen/hemp fabric chair that looks very similar to the Restoration Hardware Deconstructed line but is priced at a fraction of the cost. The chair retails for $2,050 but is selling for $1,199.90. This look is classically rustic…no muss no fuss.

Whether you are on a budget or have unlimited funds, make sure you choose an item you really love that is functional and hopefully has a dual purpose. Don’t just buy for the sake of buying. Take your time and do your research to find the best deals possible. In the end, you will wind up with a sensational piece of furniture that you can continue to build a home around. Happy hunting!

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