For the End of Aries Season: Girl, Build You Own Empire from Candier by Ryan Porter

Girl, Build Your Own Empire Ryan Porter Candier Candles

The end of Aries season is coming up. The time for that burst of fiery energy is about to transition to the earthy, bodily understanding that Taurus season brings. The spark of Aries energy is important to understand. It’s the beginning of the cycle and presents itself as the fearless, imaginative child that goes out in the world unafraid.

Part of me was trying to tap on that energy when lighting my candle from Candier by Ryan Porter. My addiction for candles has only grown throughout the years. Especially when I found out I loved having candles lit at night before going to bed. Candier’s style is spunky, cute, and unabashedly feminine. It’s that girl-power support group vibe you always wanted. The superhero teenage girl gang who solves crimes and beats up bad guys while wearing cute jackets and knee high boots. (Trying to avoid copyright issues here ).

Candier packed all of that into one hand-poured, cruelty-free, essential oil scented, 100% soy wax candle. That mouthful was worth it for the 60hr+ burn time this boss babe candle holds.

There are many candles to choose from that you can pick to match your particular existential crises needs. Some great options are You’re Doing Great Babe, It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like F* This and Girl, Stop and Smell the Roses.

I chose Girl, Build Your Own Empire.

It’s Time – Girl, Build Your Own Empire

Part of me had no expectations with this candle. It’s just a candle after all.

But the other part did. You can’t help to sometimes place hope on things that enter into your life. Especially, when a candle arrives for you with big bold letters wishing you the best in life. If people aren’t giving you what you need, apparently, try a candle.

The candle, with it’s shamelessly pink coloured wax and matte black label, unexpectedly was the wombo-combo I needed in the creviced caves of my soul.

The pink is power. The text a command. The black label the platter of gusto it is served upon.

The candle burned beautifully and surprisingly lasted a few days of 6-8 hour straight burning sessions. Guess it really is 60+ hours. Most soy wax candles I have owned burn a lot faster. I never really believe those statements but prove me wrong, Ryan Porter. Prove me wrong.

The candle also smelled amazing, bringing its scent of Fresh Cut Flowers, Clean Fresh Air, and Sweet Vanilla to the whole room. It was a sweet, floral combination without becoming overwhelming or artificial. I kept the glass container with the leftover wax after the candle finished. The smell still added fragrance to my room.

Final Notes

I’m not going to lie. I was a little sad to finish this candle. The candle is so cute and these days I’m looking for things that are just sweet. Nothing else attached. I want that little girl joy to be ignited and having this candle during Aries season was unexpectedly perfect.

It’s the simple pleasures that sometimes provide the biggest support. Did my life change after burning the candle? Not sure. I’m still hoping that these things take time to show up in my life. Either way, this single candle brought me a LOT of joy, sweet feelings and comfort in an anxious time. I can see why they have a candle subscription service.

It’s nice to also know that Candier partners with Greenspark to help remain carbon neutral and Girls Inc to inspire girls to become leaders of the future.

For finding the candle that suits you:

Check out Candier’s massive candle collection


And cheers to the coming Taurus season.

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