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One of the best things about life in the summer is enjoying a picnic on a nice sunny day. Bring out your favorite dishes, home made to impress or a special dish from your favorite store, maybe a few beers, but what do you do about wine? Carrying a heavy bottle around is really a pain in the neck, and then you have to make sure that you’ve got a corkscrew.

French Rabbit Wines has created an excellent alternative to lugging around that heavy glass bottle. The new E-Pod offers a very light weight packing material, making that long haul through the subways to your little patch of perfection in the sun that much easier.

No need to worry about bottle breakage here! The E-Pod comes in a convenient packaging made from six layers of paperboard, and other eco-friendly materials carefully gathered to ensure a minimal environmental impact.

Not only does the E-Pod ensure a minimal impact on the environment, but it allows for greater quantities to be shipped while using less space! This means that each E-Pod holds 1-liter of wine, versus the standard sized bottle of 750ml.

Now wine enthusiasts might be saying to themselves that a good French wine can not come in such a package. They are flat out wrong. Anyone who knows about wine will miss being able to sniff the cork, but fear not the E-Pod does in fact deliver top-notch wine at a greatly reduced price!

So grab that “bottle” of wine, and find you spot on the Great Lawn! French Rabbit Wines should be hopping their way right into your picnic basket!

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