Fresh Men: How Guys are Desired this Summer

It’s time to get out and get active: biking, hiking, beaching and barbecues. Men also encounter new challenges in keeping dry, cool, protected and refreshed. Here are several suggestions for you (and the women who shop for us) to keep it fresh during the ‘canine’ days of summer.

Photo Credit: I Coloniali

Newsflash: Most men loathe shaving.

I did a poll with my buddies and the majority of us agreed that shaving is a chore we despise but endure. While beards and creative facial hair sculpting have grown in popularity during winter, this summer I predict you’ll see more clean-shaven faces.

I recommend I Coloniali facial and shaving balm, shaving cream and their soothing aftershave emulsion. The mango oil in the shaving balm is used for its emollient properties while protecting the epidermis. The scent is very pleasant and it made my shaving routine much easier by lubricating the skin. The shaving cream adheres to the skin with a dense lather, the aftershave emulsion soothed my skin and contains rhubarb — the plant possesses purifying and soothing properties. I’ve discovered that rhubarb has been used in China and Tibet for centuries.

If shopping in NYC:
414 Sixth Ave.
New York, NY 10014

You can also purchase these items online at:

Photo Credit: Champion

Push-ups in the park, biking on the boardwalk, aquatics in the Atlantic Ocean, etc.

Guys need to cover up with active wear that breathes. Here is the latest from fitness clothier champions: Champion.

I recently tested their Vapor Tee during an intensive workout with a personal trainer at the gym. My summation is that it’s one of the lightest and most affordable T-shirts in the marketplace.

You should also know that it’s 100% polyester and turns practically sheer when wet. Perhaps this will be further motivation to push out a few more reps or up your game in a spinning class.

Read more about their clothing at

Photo Credit: Avène

My father was an avid golfer who refused to wear sunscreen while playing his sport. We knew the effects of the sun and I encouraged him to heed the information, but he came from a time when it was not masculine for a man to put cream on his face or body. He paid a dear price for this negligence. There is nothing manly about melanoma. Thankfully perceptions about skincare have changed.

The sun may feel great on your skin but the damage will take its toll. Here is my best advice for all men (and the women who love us) — the higher the SPF, the better. Avène offers a high protection cream with a 50 SPF and it’s water resistant for approximately 40 minutes. I’ve also tested their Cleanance lotion-toner and noticed that it removes the dirt, grime and residue of the gym, streets, beach, etc. Use the toner first and then the high protect cream before heading out into the sun.

Make a purchase at

Photo Credit: Hello

Get a smile as white and bright as a Hollywood leading man. Hello offers ‘seriously friendly oral healthcare’ and I recommend their 99% natural anti-cavity toothpaste in supermint. This toothpaste is made in the U.S. and helps strengthen and whiten teeth. You should also keep on hand Hello breath spray in flavors like mojito mint and cinnamint. They also make a mouthwash in pink grapefruit mint.

These products are natural and fabulous inside and out; their packaging looks like an art display in MOMA.

Available at Target. Read more about HELLO at

Photo Credit: John Masters Organics

After a game of volleyball on the beach or that sprint and swim in the mountains, it’s time to clean-up and get ready for the evening. I discovered John Masters Organics a while back and they offer a Bare Body Wash and Bare Body Lotion that are 100% fragrance free. The wash lathers into a foam and will gently wash away impurities with a mixture of milk thistle, vanilla extract and sunflower oil. The lotion will leave your skin soft and hydrated.

JMO also make one of my favorite hair pomades. With a combination of beeswax, essential oils and mango butter, my hair shines like the July sun — the scent is light, masculine and aromatic. This pomade also maintains texture so you can style your hair in various ways.

You may also want to check out their 2-in-1 face wash & shave foam made with eucalyptus and agave. While the foam was a little too weak to have the straight edge razor glide, the polish it left on my skin and the pungent eucalyptus made the regimen feel like a spa treatment.

John Master Organics
77 Sullivan Street
Between Spring & Broome
New York, NY

So there is my summer fresh line-up — a fresh man that’s not offensive.

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