From Sandpaper to Smooth: Modern Shavers Bring Humane Treatment to Men’s Faces

Taking out the trash. Going to the dentist. Waiting in the line at the DMV. What do all of these things have in common? Well, they are all less laborious than the most mundane of tasks that men the world over face everyday, shaving.

I am just one of many guys who, after stumbling out of bed in the morning, bleary-eyed, looking for that first cup of coffee or tea and with a face full of stubble that could sandpaper concrete, dread this most basic of morning rituals. Somehow, at 7AM, the last thing you want to do is scramble around finding your handheld razor and shaving foam or pick up an electric razor that was first manufactured in the Bronze Age and have it pluck out the hairs on your face with the tenderness of a blind acupuncturist.

Fortunately, the same modern technology that has given us high-def televisions, iPods and hands-free can openers has now truly arrived in the realm of men’s shaving. The two products mentioned below are on the cutting edge of making shaving more comfortable, humane, speedier and most importantly, less of a hassle.

The first savior to the rescue is the Titan All-in-One Razor by Shavemate. A nifty handheld razor that sports a neat little trick. Shaving foam that resides within the razor. By simply twisting a knob and pressing the bottom of the handle, the foam will come out a small hole into your hands and BOOM, is ready to be applied to your face. A real time-saver when you are in 7AM Caveman Mode and forget where in the heck you placed your big can of shaving foam. (In the medicine cabinet, under the sink or even in the fridge, for that matter?).

The three blade system that the Titan uses is very effective. They cut very close to the skin without nicking while the handle uses S-3 Flex Neck Technology to ensure an even application of the blades all over the face and neck. No having to force the blades to your skin in order to get a close shave in those hard to reach areas (Adam’s apple area, for example). The Lubricated Glide Strip contains Vitamin E and Aloe to help keep skin comfortable and smooth during shaving. The blades are coated to help maintain sharpness and precision and you should be able to get a week or more of quality shaves from just one razor. It also comes with a handy little shower hook. Not bad at all for a product that only costs $3.99.

I have used a lot handheld razors over the years and I found this to be the easiest and most effective handheld razor I have ever used. The end result was a smooth face and only a few minutes of effort put in. This razor is perfect for both everyday and for those men who travel a lot and need a quick and efficient shave before that big meeting or presentation. Highly recommended.

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The second savior is the Norelco Speed XL-8150 electric razor from Philips. This is certainly a different kind of electric razor. The first thing I noticed about it when taking it out of its container was how light it was as compared to all of the other electric razors I have used in the past. The size of this razor helps a lot with gliding it over your face almost effortlessly.

The second thing I noticed about this razor is how quiet it is. Unlike older electric razors which sometimes have the decibel level of a jackhammer, this one is whisper quiet and you will hardly know it is on without looking at the LED lights that are on unit’s front. Another definite plus.

The individual floating heads ensure a close and consistent shave and can cover 50% more shaving surface then older models. This model sports more blades and more holes for maximum efficiency at cutting every hair on the face and neck, short or long, without discomfort. The Patented Reflex Action adjusts to all of the curves on your face and really hugs it, making it feel more like you are getting a face massage than yanking hairs from your face. The pop-up trimmer does a fine job cutting and shaping moustaches, goatees and sideburns. (Of which, I have all three) Cleanup is a breeze as you just pop open the top and rinse the blades under warm water and let air dry. A heck of lot easier than my old electric razor, where cleaning the blades and base area was about as easy as shoveling fleas across a barn.

As for accessories, it comes with a charging stand that can store a charge for 17 days of use. It also comes with an AC adapter, a storage travel pouch, protective cap for the razor heads and a cleaning brush. An optional DC adapter can be purchased for an additional $14.95. It also sports two LED lights on the front, one for the power indicator and the other for warning when the batteries are getting low.

As for performance, I must say that this razor gave me the closest shave I have ever had. My skin might not have been as smooth as a baby’s bottom, but even after using this razor just once, it was darn close. And unlike other electric razors I have used in the past, my face did not feel like it had been scrubbed with an SOS pad afterwards. The third and most important plus. This is a razor I actually look forward to using and hope to use for many years. Highly recommended.

Cost: $89.99

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