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Alford & Hoff luxury skincare for men was developed using a proprietary sirtuin-activating complex (SIR2stac Complex), the latest anti-aging breakthrough biotechnology. The line features a unique blend of antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids, minerals and sirtuin activators that help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Sirtuins (youth proteins) are proven to promote cell longevity and revitalize skin.

The collection offers a diverse range of high-performance, technologically advanced skincare products for men who want serious results with luxury formulations. From innovative serums and moisturizers, to high-powered eye creams and microdermabrasion, the collection provides optimal performance and gives men immediate and long-term results.

The foaming gel Cleanser deep cleans, exfoliates, removes impurities and promotes cellular renewal. A combination of moisturizing cactus and calming oats smooth and clarify overall complexion. $35 per 6 fl oz.

The A&H Moisturizer contains emollients and high-tech humectants with a boost of the company’s proprietary anti-aging SIR2stac 2 complex to promote younger looking skin. $75 per 1.7 fl oz. A second moisturizer, containing SPF15, helps protect skin from sun damage and retails for $80 per 1.7 fl oz.

The A&H Serum helps repair fine lines and wrinkles, and smoothes texture for a visibly younger appearance. It restores elasticity, prevents sagging, firms and evens skin tone. $155 per 1.7 fl oz.

The product line also includes a Shaving “Performance Cream,” which contains oat extract to reduce redness, irritation, and protects against nicks and cuts. $32 per 5 fl oz.

Since the area around the eye tends to age faster than other areas, the most popular product is likely Alford & Hoff’s Eye Cream, with vitamin C, peptides and rare lavender to eliminate puffiness, reduce dark circles and fine lines. $48 per 0.5 fl oz.

Finally, the company’s Microdermabrasion formula contains mild, diamond-shaped magnesium oxide crystals that polish away dead skin cells without scratching or irritating the skin’s surface. $85 per 2 fl oz.

The Alford and Hoff brand was created by former Arizona State University athletes, two successful entrepreneurs with a deep understanding of the rewards of peak performance. Barry Alford and Jefferson Hoffman. Recognizing the void in the market for men’s luxury skin care, they set out to create a lifestyle brand directed to the “New Generation of Men.” Parlaying Jefferson’s business savvy and Barry’s medical industry experience, they partnered with Dr. John Gross, a famed cosmetic and plastic surgeon, author and Associate Professor at the USC Keck School of Medicine, to form Alford & Hoff, Inc.

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