Gadget Guy: Hi-Tech Gifts for the Modern Man


Nothing says Metro like whipping out the latest eye-catching techno gear, and holidays are ideal for imparting and receiving these guy-centric gifts. Gentlemen, adjust your ties. Here’s a roundup that will interest you.


Ever wish you could watch your favorite movie at any time simply by donning a pair of glasses? Now you can, thanks to My Vu. You heard me correctly. Put on your glasses, plug them into your video iPod, sit back and savor the virtual reality big-screen show or music video. You’ll feel as though you’re in a theater, but without the head of hair obstructing your view. Nab it at


The iMain Go is a portable speaker system in a carrying case with crystal clear sound and a protective shell. Battery operated, it provides 30 hours of sound, so wherever you go, you have a potential dance party in your pocket. Visit for more information.

The Nero 8 Ultra Edition is a one-stop digital solution, providing easy upload to YouTube, and one-click burning to optical media, video, audio, data cds and dvds. You can also safeguard data, restore files, edit and create video, load video to iPods and much more. Learn more and order at


Playaway Digital Books provides the first self-playing audio book, ready to go upon opening. When you open your Playaway selection, all you do is press play and start listening! There’s no need for a separate player, and you can fit it in your pocket. Playaway comes with earbuds and a battery – voila! – instant culture. Listen to music or books, and you’ll have a library at your request. You can reload your Playaway with a new book or keep it and pass it on to a friend. It’s affordable and user-friendly; buy it at

Busy men looking to reach destination on time will appreciate the Navigon 5100 Navigation System, which features 3-D maps of both the United States and Canada, along with over 5 million points of interest– including Zagat reviews and recommendations. Find it at Office Depot stores.

Capture documents with your camera phone thanks to Qipit, a free online service that turns handwritten or printed documents into highly-readable copies. All it takes is a few “clicks” with a camera phone or a digital camera and Qipit allows users to transform any physical documents – from mortgages and medical records to old love letters and first report cards – into scan-quality copies that users can securely store or conveniently share as digital documents on their computers and online at Available without access to a traditional scanner or copy machine, and perfect for emergencies and James Bond moments.


Guys love to shoot at things, especially in the office, so the Hovering Target Shooting Game with vectored jets of air to suspend six foam ball targets in mid-air is just what the boss ordered. Shoot with a bright, six-shot plastic dart gun loaded with suction cup tipped, foam projectiles. An air-regulator knob adjusts the height of targets, and there’s a large bulls eye for calibrating the dart gun’s site. Great fun! Find it at the source for all things amazing:

Recharge your iPod anywhere at any time, even in your pocket with the new Turbo iPod Charger. Perfect for traveling or strolling through the city, especially when you want a soundscape as a backdrop for your adventures, amorous or otherwise. Find it at The Discovery Store:

Navigate, aim, shoot, copy, burn, watch, listen and recharge with this array of holiday gift suggestions. Happy Holidays!

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