Gather ‘Round the Campfire


For many New Yorkers, this is the season for sleeping al fresco under the stars, whether it’s in the woods after hiking or scaling mountains, or at a summer beach house, or at a sleep-away camp for the kids. Here’s a roundup of camping gear that will make it a little easier to commune freely with nature.

Eureka, a trusted, expert tent-making company since 1895 also makes sleeping bags that are appropriate for multiple seasons, as they’re available for different temperatures. Choose one for summer, one for winter, and buy your sturdy, storm-proof tents from Eureka as well. Visit to view the selection of both recreational and professional gear for the great outdoors, and all of its fluctuating weather situations.

An Ariat Bag is built to last, with the hardy cowboy or horse-owner in mind. Strong, durable and available in an array of colors, this gear bag will last for years through all of your trips – whether camping, dude ranching, or visiting London. This also doubles as a sports duffle bag for equipment, or even a tool bag. Find it at, along with hiking shoes, western cowboy boots, English riding boots, casual sandals, belts, accessories, hats and much more, all crafted with high-quality materials and designed to last.

If you need an earth-friendly backpack with multiple compartments for summer camping, hiking or school in the fall, visit and consider the Palila backpack with padded back and shoulders. Ecogear also offers sleeping bags for camping, and all of their products are crafted from toxin-free, PVC-free, recycled fabrics to sustain Mother Earth. Best of all, their prices are extremely gentle on your budget.

Grill green with Nature’s Grilling charcoal briquets, hickory cooking chunks, cedar cooking planks, 100% natural wood charcoal, and much more at No fillers, chemical or additives! Support this healthy initiative by visiting this site and stocking up for a summer of healthy barbecues and camping.

After you’ve fired up the natural charcoal, wipe pesticides, waxes and dirt off of your fruit and vegetables with the tasteless, odorless Eat Cleaner wipes, and clean greens with the Eat Cleaner spray, which contains only 100% natural, safe, kosher ingredients. Eat Cleaner also keep your produce fresher for longer, safely cleans your cutting surfaces, and is more effective than water. Find them at

After you’ve cooked over the open fire, store your food in Frye Tupperware’s FreshKeeper Citrus Series, found at These versatile containers in an array of sizes and in summer colors will be useful while camping, at home, traveling in cars and even as storage for items while traveling abroad.

If your camping trip includes children, pick up a Kidzsack, the eco-friendly carryall that comes with washable markers so children can color on their own backpack. Washable, re-usable, engaging and made with 100% eco-friendly materials, this is a Dr. Toy award winner and available at When you have down time at camp, you’ll glean the value of this item! Plus, kids can tote their own snack and drink when hiking.

Keep ticks and mosquitoes and other insects at bay the natural way with ThermaSkin Bug Blocker. This natural roll-on keeps mosquitoes and ticks at bay, which is a godsend when near water or on grassy terrain. Should you stumble into poison ivy, the ThermaSkin Itch Blocker harnesses the power of capasin, jewelweed and additional herbs to neutralize poison ivy, sumac, poison oak and other toxic plants. It also instantly reduces inflammation and promotes healing. Check it out at

Organix-South’s Herbal Outdoor Spray is a water-based formula with neem to naturally repel insects without sacrificing your health. The National Institute of health verified that 2% of neem oil mixed with coconut oil repels insects for up to twelve hours.

Rest Easy quells fears about bed bugs while traveling on airplanes, away at camp, or at resorts with a people-safe and earth friendly formula. Available in a portable 2-ounce version for travel, this effective yet healthy mix kills bed bugs, bed mires and other insects and smells minty fresh, as opposed to a cloud of chemicals. Find it at Another natural de-bugger is Lice Shield Shampoo or Shampoo-and-Conditioner, which is gentle enough for daily use and available at CVS stores throughout the city. If you have children with long hair, you’ll be grateful for this product!

The portable pocket First Aid Beauty Healing Stick is an anti-itch balm that contains 1% cortisone for insect bites, itchy or scaly skin. It’s a multi-purpose remedy stick that even takes on eczema, psoriasis and other sensitive skin conditions that result from detergents and soaps. Toss it in the camping gear bag; it’s available at

Don’t forget the sunscreen, and make it chemical, fragrance and paraben-free with water-resistant Jason Sunbrellas. With SPF 30+ you’ll be covered naturally in and out of the water with soothing chamomile and marigold extracts that soothe while protecting. Find an array of useful Jason products at Whole Foods stores and online at

With this gear in tow, you’ll feel naturally great about heading into the wild!

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