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The comfort of your feet is often sacrificed for the sake of fashion. How many times have you bought a pair of shoes that are just simply too painful to actually wear? When living in a city you are obviously prone to doing a lot more walking than you would if you lived in the suburbs. Therefore the comfort of your shoes should be just as important as the fashion, if not more so. However, all to often you have to sacrifice one for the other.


Geox offers the perfect solution! You are able to get an extremely comfortable shoe that offers the latest in Italian fashion. Geox shoes are designed with pores in the soles in order to allow the shoe to breath. While this might sound kind of silly at first it is actually an extremely effective and unique system that keeps the bottom of your foot noticeably cooler than other shoes.


Because of the technology involved in the Geox Sole-System moisture is drawn away from the foot and out through the pores in the sole of the shoe. You might now be wondering, “What happens if I step into a puddle?” Your foot still stays dry! Geox utilizes a specialized material that allows moisture to exit the shoe, but not to enter.


The Geox flagship store is located Madison Ave., and the service there second to none. The staff is very knowledgeable about the product, and they are extremely helpful. Inside the store you’ll immediately notice that the design of the store is just as futuristic as the shoes themselves.


While some of the more unique shoes that Geox offers might not be so appropriate for your next board room meeting, they do offer a line of dress shoes that are just as comfortable as the brightly colored sneakers that are flying off the shelves.

Stop in and check out the latest in Italian style and comfort…your feet will be glad you did.

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