Get Out With Outdoor-Friendly Fashion & Gadgets

The great outdoors is vast and ripe for exploration this summer. For those who seek adventure, we have selected a great crop of fashion pieces and gadgets that will enhance your outdoor experience. Equip yourself with these items and you’ll be ready to trade your grey urban landscape for the colors of the countryside.

C9 Running Jacket by Champion
Photo Credit: Target

C9 by Champion has created a multi-purpose running jacket that performs quite fittingly, like a champion. A good versatile jacket is essential for the outdoors, and this one in particular serves as a windbreaker making it perfect for a morning jog or boat outing. Duo Dry technology adds a premium quality, wicking away sweat and protecting you from rain and wind. A variety of patterns are available for purchase, so don your colors and take off as swift as Ryan Hall.

Available at Target.

HB Super Tank Top
Photo Credit: HB Super

Music pushes the mobility factor even further with HB Super. Leave the headphones at home, and wear this tank top, featuring built-in headphones streaming out of the chest pocket. The HB Super tank tops boast HB3 Technology, and a very impressive sound. It is perfect for taking in the outdoors from beside the pool or beach; you could even lie out on a raft and float lazily to the serenity of your music. Just be sure to hang this one out to dry!

Available at

iWalk: Link Series Docking Backup Batteries

At one time or another we have all been in a less than ideal place to run out of battery power. Thankfully you can now pack extra battery life in a device that’s smaller than your smart phone. The Link Series are available with all Apple Certified and Micro USB connectors, making this an ideal product for a myriad of mobile users. Additionally, they can store up to 5000mAH of power, or the duration of 500 full charges. Bring this on your next camping trip or hike and never worry about battery life again!

The iWalk Link Series is available at select Sprint stores nationwide and

iWalk: Link ECOXBT Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker by ECOXGEAR
Photo Credits: iWalk

The ultimate adventure-seeker music player has arrived. The ECOXBT speaker will connect to any blue-tooth enabled devices, and has a remarkable ten-hour battery life. The full range stereo also works as a speakerphone — you can listen in to your conference calls while your chin deep in salt water. Additionally, this speaker is designed to take on all elements, wet and dry. It will float with the speaker up when submerged in water, and has a ruggedized grip with attached carabineer so you can always snap it on and take it on your travels.

Available at or

Get out! And enjoy the great outdoors this summer.

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