Getting His Game On This Spring

With the sunshine, April showers and pleasant temps permeating the air, this season we have selected various items for guys as they head for the greens, track and trails, courts and club rooms. Following are several must-have items for every sports enthusiast.

The Runner

We have been over this a million times. Guys cannot always detect the aroma they give off after a workout. Women have a far better sense of smell than men. If running or jogging is your thing, take care of your sweaty puppies with SockShh. These ‘no-show’ socks are perfect for guys on the run. The secret is they are also scented. The cut is designed to hide in your sneakers. All you do is put them in the laundry and then return them to their hefty container that also includes a scent pack for the next usage. On your mark…


What a Racket!

Is squash, pickleball or any activity wielding a paddle, your kind of sport? Throw a bar of the latest soap from Dr. Squatch into the gym bag. Their newest Men’s Natural Soap Coconut Castaway has coconut shreds and light grit to rid of dirt, sweat and grime. We chose it this month for the scent of the islands – clean, natural and masculine. Besides, it’s much better to smell like a coconut than a synthetic ball.

Dr. Squatch

Polo and the Hawaiian Style

If you still have to rely on the Hawaiian style shirt for comfort in your zone as well as your style, look no further than Shinesty. This line produces colorful sport-themed shirts to represent your passion while also keeping you in the “comfort” zone as far as sense and sensibility. Conservative cuts, hefty fabrics and a nod to your sport will have you in form at the racetrack, on the greens or paddling back to shore. (We also recommend their cheeky neckties for splash of color and creativity).


Tennis anyone?

Convenience at its very best, this tennis bag by Diadora is the perfect match for your game. It makes carrying around your equipment a breeze — a large sleeve for the racket, spacious pockets both inside and outside for balls and also includes a shoe compartment. We chose it not only for its functionality but the superior quality and simplistic style. Metro Men are bound to love it.


The Sports Figure

If you haven’t yet heard the name Tim Beasley in the menswear world, you will this year. Mr. Beasley is the founder of concierge custom clothing line, Gent Row. He travels the world as a clothing connoisseur and dressing the savoir faire from personalized tailoring, select fabrics, colors and individual style…

This month we choose the Gent Row fit-to-form dress shirts with various cuff and collar options including the French cuff. These shirts create the perfect silhouette on the male body regardless if your sport is baseball, the breaststroke, curling or hiking.

After you are sized up with their MY FIT measurement kit, a dedicated stylist will contact you to go over your personalized details. I also recommend that you take a gander at their shoe selection. Their attire and accessories will have you looking your very best from head to toe as you enter and exit the sports club.


Game Changer

The German luxury fashion house, MCM, recently released this scent for active men. It’s the perfect bottle for every gym bag and we chose it this season for all athletes who are willing to go a little further with a new scent. This cologne is masculine and inspired by tribes of fearless free thinkers and sought to design a sustainable blend of classic and modern elements that fuse together to create an attitude of unbridled optimism and powerful connection. Top Notes: Raspberry, Apricot. Middle Notes: White Peony, Jasmine Absolute, Violet Leaf. Base Notes: White Moss, Vanilla, Ambrox® Super, Sandalwood. It all comes down to a simple philosophy. Keep fit. Smell great.


Hot Jeans: Four Wheels

Skateboarding was first invented in the 1950s in California. Allegedly it was created by surfers who wanted something to do during low tide. It was seen as a fad in the 1960s but that all changed with the creation of the urethane skateboard wheels replaced the metal or wooden wheels in the 1970s. It officially became officially recognized as an Olympic sport in 2017 for the 2020 Olympics after the executive committee spun their wheels on making an obvious decision.

We recently discovered Rudes and Dann new class of denim and their brash style that captures today’s men on wheels with grinds, slides and grabs as free as an open-air flip. Monfrère delivers their fashion-forward designs while working in partnership with several leading retailers worldwide: Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, Selfridges and Neiman Marcus. Just one look at these jeans and we were hooked. The fit and flexibility takes their entire collection of pants to a higher level. Rock ‘N Roll on!

Monfrere Fashion

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