Gifting Groomsmen: What Today’s Brides & Grooms Present: From celebrity extravagance to sleek & geek-chic


Russell Crowe lavished his groomsmen with $50,000 custom motorcycles. Leonardo DiCaprio was a groomsman for the vows exchanged between Kate Winslet and Ned Rocknroll. She got a $200,000 ticket to space from her man’s uncle, Sir Richard Branson. I wonder if she re-gifted it to her co-star from the movie “Titanic.” David Beckham sent his groomsmen on a shopping spree at their favorite stores and the Royal Mint produced a coin with the image of Kate Middleton and Prince William for guests and their wedding party.

This is where the bar is set on gifts for groomsmen.

If custom motorcycles are a tad out of the budget, here are some ideas that can be given separately or as a gift bag.

Destination wedding?
The Art of Shaving Travel Kit is a great gift for your traveling groomsmen. It not only ties in with your exotic theme but also gives them luxurious and superior shaving supplies. This gift will practically guarantee that the men show up at the wedding freshly shaven and groomed… well, except the bearded one (there’s always one).

This travel kit provides them with the four elements for a perfect shave: Prepare, Lather Up, Shave and Moisture. It includes pre-shave oil, shaving cream, after-shave balm, shaving brush plus a 5-blade razor. All products are conveniently held in a compact black leather case that makes packing efficient and easy.

One of The Art of Shaving stores is conveniently located in the Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle in NYC. Or you can shop online:

In 2000, Theo Stewart/Stand designed cufflinks for the groomsmen in his wedding party. The sleek style and originality sparked a business that has grown in leaps and bounds as well as cuffs and sleeves for groomsmen around the globe.

The designs are elegant and easy to slip into the French cuff due to the flattening mechanism. There is an array of colors to choose from, and I’m a fan of the lime and orange. They come as a single color pair, but you can purchase several to mix or match them.

The Stewart/Stand design company is based in Brooklyn. Find these cufflinks and other items by visiting

If you think giving a pair of socks is not exactly sexy and lavish, you don’t know Darn Tough from Vermont. These socks rock!

Most men are very active today; these socks are made for biking, hiking, running and all sports as well as everyday use.

You expect a lot from your groomsmen on your wedding day; they not only have to “stand” for you but also get their groove on the dance floor. Well, these socks are made in the U.S. with merino wool and come with a lifetime guarantee. How awesome is that?

This family-owned business (around for over 30 years) knits socks that are not only stylish, tough and plush, but their president, Ric Cabot, says that if you ever wear these socks out, Darn Tough will replace them, no questions asked. They guarantee the socks. I guarantee that your groomsmen will appreciate them.

Buy them here: or call 1-877-DARNTUFF.

While researching gift ideas, I discovered the trend for brides and grooms to give custom-made bobble heads in the likeness of every member in their wedding party [awkward pause].

While I’d prefer one of Russell Crow’s custom motorcycles than to look at my own face shaking on the dashboard, who am I to buck this trend? However, allow me to raise my (bobble) head a bit.

Instead of “bobbling” your groomsmen, why not have a bust made of them with the latest 3D technology. MakerBot is a leader in 3D desktop printing. These printers use ABS plastic filaments to make gadgets, prototypes, professional quality models, toys and more.

A short visit to the Manhattan store, your groomsmen can see the technology up-close and personal — a 3D image of their head will be taken and in minutes they can select the most dashing, funniest or ridiculous self-portrait. Within ten days, their bust will be delivered in their choice color: white, orange, brown, yellow or red. If you have the budget, include the printer.

Guys appreciate gadgets and techie stuff and this gift is the ultimate in geek-chic. Visit:

On behalf of all groomsmen, please don’t give us any more shot glasses, beer steins or money clips. Thank you!

Photo Credits: The Art of Shaving, Stewart/Stand, Darn Tough and PK Greenfield.

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