Grooming Products Made Easy for Fall Travel

I love to travel in autumn: The crowds have subsided, the weather is temperate and the prices are a bargain.

Whether you are on the road for business or cruising from one exotic port of call to the next, I’ve selected several products that will make your journey so much easier.

ShaveTech has launched an electric razor that is smaller than most smartphones. This portable shaver gives a very close shave and I was impressed with the power behind this slim device.

Another wonderful feature is that it charges with any USB port — there is no chord, adaptor or cumbersome batteries. I first charged mine with a USB plug, but as a test, I tried charging ShaveTech with my laptop. It works perfectly and the size makes it super convenient for packing.

Check out ShaveTech at

Stress from traveling is not exactly breaking news. But things are changing for the better.

I used to get infuriated when the TSA confiscated my stuff: shaving supplies, cologne, saline solution, etc. 3FLOZ recently launched Men’s Essentials in automated retail stores at all major U.S. airports. Everything in these automated retail stores is TSA-approved.

The Men’s Essentials Kit includes: Jack Black Beard Lube, as well as Deodorant, Citrus Body Cleansing Gel and All Purpose Facial Moisturizer by Anthony.

This kit makes it a little easier for packing and personal hygiene when flying the “friendly skies.”

Discover 3FLOZ products at

It’s common for travelers to break from our exercise routines and eat less than nutritious meals when we’re on the go.

I’m very leery of products that make people slim without exercise and proper diet, however, I decided to keep an open mind and try It Works! This company offers a wrap to tighten, tone and firm by combining several natural herbs in a botanically based formula. They claim a measurable difference after 2 applications 72-hours apart. The wraps come in flat individually wrapped bags and easy to store in your luggage.

I’m athletic and fit but every guy would like to see a little less carry-on baggage around the gut, so I’m willing to give this a try on my upcoming trip to California.

Read more about It Works at

For amazing travel apparel this fall, make sure you check out our Metro Man section in the coming weeks.


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