Guys! Put Some Life Back In Your Eyes – Restoration Tips

A regular eye care regimen for the average man is a rare thing. Unfortunately the area around your eyes doesn’t lie, gentlemen! The dark circles and puffiness beneath your eyes are the telltale signs of age, breaking down your poker face of regular anti-aging initiatives.

Where women can clearly disguise their age with products and makeup, guys need only follow a handful of skincare steps to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles that appear as we age. If you prefer to keep it simple, the single most important place to combat signs of aging is beneath your eyes.

We’ve gathered a selection of products that work well exclusively and in tandem to undo the costly effects of the masculine lifestyle. The sad consequences associated with a lack of sleep, consuming excess alcohol, smoking, taking in too much sodium in your diet, and dehydration have all presented themselves beneath your eyes. Navigating the world of skin product saturation often leaves guys lost at where to begin with selecting products, and thus, they drop the ball. We all want to look as good as George Clooney when we leave our twenties and thirties behind. The best thing you can do for yourself is find an eye care solution that works for you.


Opal Sonic Infusion System

Several years ago Clarisonic introduced the Sonic Skin Cleansing System. This product proved itself a prodigy of its time, absorbing up to 61% of Vitamin C, clearing out pores at an unprecedented rate, and even acting as more effective makeup remover for women then most makeup removal products. In essence, this product changed the skincare paradigm, combining the efforts of an entire skincare regime. It truly is no wonder that this has become the gold standard.

Led by the primary inventor of Sonicare®, Opal is the second major product introduced in the friendly family of Clarisonic skin care. Like its predecessor, this product is a superior fighter of sagging, aging eyes. It combines sonic micro massage with a proprietary anti-aging serum. At 200+ sonic movements per second, the opal infusion system maximizes absorption in the area around your eyes. Measured against using your fingers, the light tapping of the opal is more effective in instantaneously reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in this area.

The Clarisonic Opal Sonic Infusion System is available at several major retailers including Macy’s, Sephora and Saks Fifth Avenue as well as


Green Tea Eyes by To Go Spa

For a quick eye-rejuvenation or pick-me-up I recommend Green Tea Eyes by ToGoSpa. Fine lines and dark circles are remedied by this simple product, composed mainly of Purified Water, Chitosan, and Aloe Vera Leaf Gel. The simplicity of these make them well suited for the Metro Man! Simply lay the green tea gel pads on the circles beneath your eyes and let the ingredients absorb. Each silky application is activated by your body’s natural body temperature. The skin beneath your eyes is then infused with hydration, natural and high density marine-collagen, amino acids etc. In conjunction with antioxidants that combat glycation to reduce cellular aging, Green Tea Eyes promote stimulation of youthful skin cells. Let the pad sit on your eyes for 15-20 minutes to fully absorb.

Green Tea Eyes by ToGoSpa are available at Prime Essentials, Young Skin Forever and


John Masters Organics Firming Eye Gel

Protect your under eyes against UVA rays and give them a revitalizing lift with John Masters Organics Firming Eye Gel. 8 key organic ingredients are contained in this miraculous to aid in rejuvenation and reduce inflammation around the under eye area. Oat Kernel extract firms and shields against UVA rays, extracts of rice and rye reduce puffiness, and spirulina nourishes the skin with vitamins and essential fatty acids. For 15 years John Masters products have been developed under strict guidelines to ensure that they are composed of 75-100% organic material.

Pick up this Firming Eye Gel at John Masters Organics on Sullivan Street in Manhattan or

If you want to get looks, keep your eyes open and clear.

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