Heartfelt Metro Home Finds


In our unflagging quest to find the latest in kitchen and home delights, we bring you this roundup of the novel and noteworthy.

Sin In Linen is one of our very favorite sources for quirky, high-quality bedding , and the brand also offers distinctive shower curtains festooned with pinups, voodoo bones, circus freak show graphics, big top stripes, skull and crossbones, spider webs, tattoos, and much more. Who wouldn’t want a black shower curtain? You’ll love visiting http://www.sininlinen.com.

Sadaf Grapeseed Oil is perfect for cooking due to its high smoke point – one of the highest of all oils — and it’s ultra-healthy for salads and other foods because it’s rich in Vitamin E, with low levels of saturated fat. A product of Italy, it has a pleasing, light taste and is a great source of Phytosterol. It pulls double duty as a mascara and make-up remover. Visit http://www.sadaf.com.

You’ll feel great supporting Seventh Generation and forging a more sustainable future. We’re appreciating the Seventh Generation Hand Care Dish Liquid for home, rife with herbavera moisturizers to keep hands soft without harsh chemicals, and the plant-based Monodose Laundry Detergent packs, which are USDA-certified bio-based and free of parabens, dyes, synthetic fragrances and other unnecessary gunk. Find their products at Whole Foods and health food stores, and at http://www.seventhgeneration.com.

Bambooee Reuseable Bamboo Towels are another inventive planet-friendly option in lieu of traditional and disposable paper towels. These can be used repeatedly and are easy to soak and clean; in fact, they’re machine washable and biodegradable. Plus, you’ll save money, which you can use for far more interesting things than paper towels. Stock up at http://www.bambooee.com.

Save the planet, bolster your health, and try a shower curtain well beyond the usual leaping dolphins and matched-to-the-towel set ensemble.

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