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With a six-month long waiting list, Eliza, Waxing Director/Eyebrow Designer at Avon Salon & Spa, has truly created for herself the ultimate niche in the beauty industry. She is a “must see” eyebrow expert for savvy women and men alike. Due to her popularity and ever expanding clientele, in March 2000, Eliza and Avon Salon & Spa launched Eliza’s Eyes, the first ever brow shaping salon in the world – a boutique solely dedicated to eyebrow shaping!

As a beauty trailblazer, Eliza pioneered the men’s brow grooming industry five years ago before most men paid any attention to their eyebrows. Although her millennial man concept was not an immediate success, now that men are aware of their grooming options, the demand for men’s brow services at Eliza’s Eyes has increased sharply.

Eliza’s expertise truly crosses gender lines. For, she recognizes that men and women have distinctly different brow shaping needs. “Brow shaping is an art and knowing how to maintain a masculine-look is essential. Men have stronger features and bone structure. Unruly, unkempt brows, and the dreaded ‘unibrow’, can make you look older, tired or angry,” says Eliza. She also cautions against creating a brow arch, which is too feminine.

When I presented myself with all of the above-mentioned problematic men-brow aspects (hints of an unibrow included), Eliza was quick and scathing in her appraisal. Well, I had really let things degenerate, since I wanted to see how good she really was. And after all, it is always best to let an artist work with an untouched canvas. Anyway, at the end of a quick five- or maybe seven-minute session, I was astounded with the new set of eyebrows she had given me. They were neat and defined yet strong and masculine. It was like an injection of freshness for the whole face. In Eliza’s words my eyes could now “speak”.

At a party shortly afterwards, a friend was complementing me on how polished I looked, and, in the way of explanation, I said that I had just got my eyebrows done. The response was a confused “You did? But they look so natural!” That, I thought, was the best part.

As Eliza says, “In the past, most men solely resorted to haircuts and shaving to define their look. By overlooking their brows, a clean, polished appearance is never truly achieved. Brow-shaping for men helps refine and clean up their look in a subtle, yet masculine, way.”

A first-time visit with Eliza costs $100.00, and subsequent visits are $78.00. Men’s brow services are also available through her Essociates or brow specialists, hand-picked and trained by Eliza herself, starting at $50.00.

Eliza’s Eyes
30 East 76th Street, New York NY

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