Holiday Gift Ideas for Cold Weather Sportsmen


Here are some holiday gift ideas for intrepid men who glide down snow-capped mountains or across city ponds, and trek though ice storms. These products should warm the cockles and prove to be useful when temperatures plummet.

The men’s Columbia Sportswear Powder Bowl Parka is the reflective future of sports coats, sleek but ultra-efficient on the slopes so he can focus on what he’s doing instead of the cold weather. The thermal Omni-Heat design, waterproofing, and a reflecting silver lining provide insulated comfort and electric style in sub-freezing weather. Invest in something that will keep him warm, and won’t weigh him down while in action. Find it at or ask for it at your favorite sporting goods store.

Another enormous power player in the sports jacket arena is North Face’s Condor TriClimate Jacket, which is really three jackets, or shells, in one lightweight coat for a solid investment that will last for years. An inner shell lining adds extreme warmth for brutal cold temperatures, and it’s easily removed for more clement weather. It’s also waterproof. This versatile, breathable jacket is great in wind, shine, rain and snow – to find it, visit and order a year-round gift.

People in Vermont know a thing or two about cold weather, so Darn Tough Vermont Socks have what it takes to keep your feet warm and dry all day long, which is absolutely crucial for enjoying (and enduring) cold weather sports. Well-crafted in Vermont with high-density knitting, antimicrobial properties and premium merino wool, these socks wick away moisture for sheer comfort in the snow. Visit

Philips and O’Neill joined forces to create Stretch-Over-The Ear Headphones for extreme listening while soaring the slopes or other sports. Designed to stay on his head while he flails through the air, these will enable him to add his own personal soundtrack to his sporting life. Find them at

Life + Gear offers a selection of new, inventive glow and flashlight products for sporting, camping and home use that seem both practical and enjoyable. To whit: the BPA-free Camp Bottle, which is also an FM Radio and has LED flashlight capability. Imagine having a safe, non-toxic water bottle, flashlight and radio all rolled into one products, and you’ll see the genius in Life + Gear products. Check them out at

The Guerilla 24 store in San Francisco has an unbelievably entertaining website:, where you’ll find a Tri-hole Head Mask (or Balaclava Guerilla mask) to protect the entire face from brutal weather conditions and denim jeans that will see you through anything. Check out the jeans, tees and a pullovers at this superb website.

Happy Holidays from the Men’s Perspective section!

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