Holiday Gifts At Every Price Point: Make Your List & Check It Twice

We know you’ve got plenty of people on your holiday list. We’ve all got plenty, and the list never gets any shorter as the years go by. But how does one manage a holiday budget with new people making the list every year? While there is no perfect system, and we can’t just give out coal like a vengeful Santa Claus, you can break your list down to different price points.

Following are some suggestions to help you check off all the men in your life.

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Under $25: Tis the season for festive socks! Abercrombie has another reason to keep your Christmas attire super casual. Stuff them in a stocking and don’t be surprised if they make a debut during dinner. The patterns are as diversified as they are fitting for a wintery holiday. Pick up these & a great deal more at Abercrombie & Fitch located at 720 Fifth Ave, NYC or online at

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$25 to $50 will buy you a whole lot of holiday cheer. Is there a scent more synonymous with the holidays than that of pine? The Arquiste X J Crew Dark Pine Candle was developed exclusively for J Crew. With the quintessential holiday scent, it recalls a richly American vibe, vibrant but natural.

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Bumming around and relaxing is second only to family during the holidays. You can amp up someone’s comfort level by simply gifting these cozy Hollister joggers. The lucky recipient could achieve the same slothful contentment as Garfield on an average day. Seamlessly pair with an ugly Christmas sweater and you’re camera ready.

You can pick up this Dark Pine candle at J Crew retail stores or online at Hollister joggers can be purchased at Hollister located at 600 Broadway, NYC or

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Under $100 goes a long way for the modern gentlemen. Fragrances will always be great gifts for several reasons, most importantly because they are not the kind of thing most guys think to buy for themselves. John Varvatos Vintage is a versatile scent that has notes of modern but shades of classic. Aromatic & spicy, this makes a striking impression that is fitting for the season’s biting cold. Help him channel is Johnny Depp edge with Varvatos, or opt for something more understated.

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Clean For Men Classic’s gift set includes a subtle yet distinctive scent and complimentary deodorant. A scent like this is suitable for men of many types, but it will separate him from the crowd.

You can pick up John Varvatos Vintage at Macy’s in Herald Square or at Clean for men is available at Sephora retail stores, &

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$100+ For your husband, son or boyfriend that loves to get outdoors, this is a definite winner! Ebenezer Scrooge certainly wouldn’t spend this much on anyone he knows, but Santa Claus could splurge on a Cartier ring for Mrs. Claus if he cared too. These Under Armour sunglasses have as much in form as they do in function. Whoever receives these would likely wear them out of your front door – stylish crystal tortoise is eternally en vogue. With a sharp green polarized lens, you can take in the brightest solar rays and from the highest snow-covered mountain summits. They won’t fall off of your face as you cut through the wind, they’ve got rubberized interiors that grip the sides of your face. Finally, you can trade the chunky goggles for something sleek without compromising your vision outdoors.

Under Armour sunglasses can be purchased At Under Armour stores & Dicks Sporting Goods stores as well as

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