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Whether you’re expecting friends and relatives this month, or simply want to enhance your domestic domain, here are some items that we think you’ll relish:

The Ninja Cooking System appears to be a slow cooker, and it is (one of the best, in fact) — but it pulls triple duty by also performing as a steam oven, as well as a stovetop cooker for easily searing food. Cooking time is cut in half with this useful appliance, and fats are too, bolstering your diet and healthy initiatives. Plus, it doesn’t require much space to store. We’re bowled over by the Ninja, especially for the coming winter months. Available at and, as well as

Carmona New York & Co. is the source for artfully shaped porcelain tableware that displays your culinary creations in the most flattering ways. This new, distinctive white bone line was featured in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1 at Edward and Bella’s wedding reception for good reason: its design is inventive, elegant and memorable. So place your holiday treats and feasts upon it, and say goodbye to chipping – these plates are 50% more durable than typical porcelain for plates, and are also more lightweight. Find tea and coffee pots, egg holders, appetizer and soup servers, and more at

You and your guests will slumber in style with elegant, soft Pine Cone Hill bedding, an Annie Selke company. Designs range from vintage floral patterns reminiscent of the ‘30s to mod textiles, urban zen patterns, ocean-inspired designs and delicate Italian patterns. Pine Cone Hill also offers distinctive sleepwear to match their varied bedding selections, as well as gorgeous table linens. Find it all for holiday at

The Dash & Albert Rug Company is a purveyor of exquisite rugs for home and work, and offers an array of options for transforming your interiors from the ground up. Crafted with care (hand-hooked, hand tufted) and high-quality materials, the designs and colors range from subtle to exciting. Rugs can anchor a room and render it more appealing and cozier. Choose your favorite floor pattern at

Serve your guests water infused with cucumber, strawberry, limes, mint, ginger, or whatever your imagination conjures with the Aqua Zinger. Cleverly designed to cut fruit and herbs at the base, it’s leak-proof and sturdy, so you can take it with you wherever you roam; available at and The Citrus Zinger is a lightweight, clear bottle with a juicer on the bottom, which also works well as an infuser for cocktails, flavored water and even for cooking. Available at, it lets you be truly creative with water.

Place Baobab Fruit Cubes out for your holiday guests for a new and healthy taste sensation. These nutritious superfruit cubes hail from southern Africa, contain no sugar, and come in three flavors: strawberry, mango and raspberry. They’re chock full of antioxidants, fiber, calcium (more than milk), vitamin c (6x more than orange juice) and potassium (more than bananas or coconut water). Find them at and stock up for the New Year, or call 800-682-0221.

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