How do Hot Guys Stay Kool this August?

The summer sun, humidity, arid winds and other brutal elements can wreak havoc on men’s grooming, hygiene and appearance. Here are some great ideas to keep dudes kool, dry and smelling great thru the peak of the heat.

Photo Credit: Nuxe Men

NUXE MEN offers a multi-use shower gel for all skin and hair types. This product makes it very convenient for showering on the go: in the locker room after a game, a workout, on the boat or at the beach house. This shower gel/shampoo is convenient for your summer adventures and travels. The scent is invigorating, woody and masculine. I also suggest that you pick up their Multi Purpose After-Shave Balm, it sooths and hydrates the skin. They also make a Multi-Purpose Eye Cream that is anti-aging, removes dark circles and decreases puffiness. Nuxe Men products are available at fine apothecaries or visit:

Photo Credit: Prada

Just in time for the 34th America’s Cup, Prada just launched its Luna Rossa cologne in a limited edition bottle that pays homage to the extreme sailing competition. An alluring scent for summer, it is clean, crisp and inspiring with hints of lavender, orange, sage, spearmint and a woody signature — it evokes the spirit of sportsmanship. This collector’s bottle perfectly captures the essence of the famous regatta. The America’s Cup competition sails through September in San Francisco, CA. Read more about it at

Prada’s Luna Rossa 34th America’s Cup Limited Edition is exclusively available at Macy’s or visit:

Photo Credit: Bálla Powder

Bálla Powder helps men stay dry and fresh especially during the hottest days of the year. Applied after exercise, honey-do chores, or when the mercury spikes, this talcum powder is the perfect product for comfort and confidence — it comes in both scented and non-scented formulas. This could save your date night or even the entire summer from embarrassing sweat. I tested it during a 15-mile bike ride through the Catskills. It works. Check out Balla at

These are my recommendations for men this August. Stay kool as Pitbull, fresh as Jay-Z and as smooth as a John Legend ballad.

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