Metro Home – Come to Your Holiday Senses

There’s nothing like a little holiday spirit to warm you on chilly December days. Keeping that spirit alive can be tricky but, with just the right nod to each of the five senses, your home can keep you cheered and charged up all through the season.

Garnet Hill stockings

First things first: your eyes need all the bright, happy holiday cheer they can get. Go with classic decorative elements like trees, twinkly lights and stockings hung by the chimney (or fire escape!) with care. Garnet Hill’s terrifically whimsical Hable Christmas Stocking Collection features roomy, monogram-ready, perfectly stuffable options for every elf and reindeer wannabe. Available at

AwoX StriimLight

From mellow to giddy, the right mix of holiday tunes can steer holiday spirit in any direction you desire. To keep your home bathed in the sounds of the season without sacrificing valuable counter or floor space, AwoX has you covered. Their energy-friendly StriimLIGHT LED lightbulbs feature a variety of size and color options … and speakers!!! Yep, you can stream audio from any Wi-Fi or Bluetooth-enabled device straight to your nearest lamp and control it via remote control (or their free mobile app). Check out their full line of fascinating smart home products at

Lindt chocolates
Heilala vanilla syrup

Tasty treats are a hallmark of the holiday season. Two of the most comforting, classic flavors around are chocolate and vanilla and incorporating both will keep you smiling through the festivities. Lindt Lindor Truffles are decadent, delicious and insanely addictive. Featuring flavors ranging from classic dark chocolate to fresh sea salt, their entire inhalable collection offers gourmet quality at terrific prices. This year, they even come in gorgeous, New York City-themed boxes and bags! Choose your decadent weapons at When it comes to holiday beverages, vanilla is the perfect add-in flavor. From coffee to cocktails, almost any drink can be livened up with Heilala Vanilla Syrup. Packed with flavor, this 100% pure syrup has both the lightness and depth to keep your senses singing as you sip. Treat yourself at .

Serene House warmer

One of the quickest routes to happiness is through the nose. Scents can comfort, inspire and bring back cherished holiday memories. To keep your home smelling fabulous without having to monitor pesky candle flames, invest in an Eclipse Serene Pod® Warmer by Serene House. Beautifully designed and entirely mess-free, this sleek electric unit gently warms scent-infused wax pods to release long-lasting olfactory bliss. Pop in an Apple Cinnamon pod and let the spirit take you away! Available at

Softline pillow

Now that all the other senses are covered, it’s time to treat touch to a big dose of holiday comfort. Fill your couch with soft, cozy throw pillows from Softline Home Fashions and cuddle up! This chic, affordable line features prints to give your living room a wintry vibe and softness that will keep you cozy all season long. Find your cushiony couch-mates at Walmart, JC Penney,Target and Kohl’s stores and

Have a cozy, bright, musical, intoxicating, delicious holiday season!

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