How to Smell Like a Billionaire: Just our Two Scents


You can walk the walk, talk the talk, but you are just a poseur until you smell like a billionaire. Are you listening Donald Trump?

Created in 1948, Cypres Musc was worn by none other than Greek shipping magnate and Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy’s second spouse, Aristotle Onassis. Mossy and woodsy, it oozes machismo and mucho money. English mint enhances the cypress accord, along with ambergris and musk.

Aristotle Onassis and CREED Cypres Musc

This fragrance is expensive; you may not have enough change left to buy a Vente Latte. No worries, one spritz of Cypress Musc and you’ll feel like the next Howard Schultz (founder of Starbucks), except you’ll make your first billion somewhere with much better weather.

Cyprus Musc is one of the seven Creed fragrances comprising the Private Collection. It is available in flacons of 8.4 ounces only at Bergdorf Goodman.

Mark Birley and Mark Birley for Men

Mark Birley for Men is the type of scent that brings to mind all that fascinates us about the Brits—scandal, adultery, money, royalty, yet low key and proper. Mark Birley, the legendary British entrepreneur, restaurateur, night club owner, men’s clubs and hotels (including Annabel’s and Harry’s Bar) passed away in 2007, but his jet set legacy lives on, fragrantly through this elegantly constructed cologne. Birley teamed up with Frederic Malle, one of the leading perfume experts in France and Pierre Bourdon, the father of contemporary men’s perfumery to create this cologne. Mr. Birley was not an easy man to please; it took 32 revisions to create the final fragrance; created using all natural ingredients, Mr. Birley must have driven his perfumers mad globe trotting to hunt for Bergamot from California, Orris from Florence, Vetyver from China and Cedar wood from Texas. Hopefully they flew first class.

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